Purchasing a Canoe

I am looking to purchase a canoe. I am on a budget.

Looking for opinions.

Is the River Rogue and the OT Sport 14, the same canoe ?

How do these compare to the Old Town Rockport , the Pelican 15.5 or the Coleman RAM X-15 ?

Do any of these even come close to the Old Town Guide 14’7 ?

I know this is probably a better canoe than the others.

Any feedback is appreciated. I will use it in calm lakes, and rivers and lagoons. Looking to do some fishing, solo or in tandem.


you’d be better off
looking used for something with a portage thwart, unless you plan on keeping this at a spot permanently or have a partner who goes with you all the time. One of the things I hate about lousy canoes is there’s no way to carry them yourself and they way too much. The Guide was on my list of first canoes over a decade ago. Seeing one the other day made me so glad I bought a Reflection instead, even if that did lead to an obsession.

I take it back
looked thru stp today at work. The guide has a portage thwart. That moves it to the head of your class imho.

purchasing a canoe
Thank You