Purchasing a Canoe

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Hi. I want to buy an Aluminum Canoe and can't find one locally. Aluminum because it will be stored outdoors and lightly dragged on the grass to the lake behind my house. I would have to have one shipped(no-pun) to me by truck. How was your experience getting one delivered to your front door. Did it work out ok or was it a big hassle waiting for the truck or shipping damage. Thanks, Frank.

It seems funny that you can’t find

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one locally. Around here, they seem to comprise a large percentage of used canoes advertised for sale, especially on craigslist. Many seem to be in okay shape, too. 300-400USD is the going price.

For new, try the nearest boat dealer.

If transport to your place is the issue, call in a favor from a friend with a pickup.

Shipped Canoes

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I'm in S. Florida. I would like to buy "new". The shipping quotes ran $225. I can get anything except Aluminum locally. My concern is getting a damaged Canoe. I do not want to deal with a "Shipper" if any problems occur. My question is to anyone that bought a Canoe ala internet or mail order... did it work out or not.
If I wanted a Royalex I would deal with Cabelas. There are as reputable as it gets. They replace damaged goods asap.

No availability at Key Largo Outfitters?
who are listed as a Marathon (Grumman ) dealer?

I will call them
Maybe they have one in stock. Thanks

try craigslist.

Totally agree
As noted above, they last forever. I regularly see very nice ones there for around $400. If I were in the market for one that is where I would go. As long as it’s not camo painted :wink:

I understand your reasons for wanting
aluminum, but Royalex, protected by its vinyl outer skin, will hold up well in the sun. You can tarp it or put some 303 on it if UV concerns you. Royalex will slide easily over the grass without damage.

Royalex will feel cool to the touch in your hot FL sun, and it will feel warmer on those rare cold winter days. Royalex is quieter, doesn’t “thonk” when you hit things.

If Cabelas offers a Royalex canoe big enough for your needs, I suggest you take a second look.


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I see there are a few boat dealers that might sell Aluminum Canoes. Also checking out Craig's list.
Here's what motivates me. When I was a kid at camp I took a Small Craft Safety course with a Canoe. Had a great instructor. I mastered the different strokes and feel I can still handle a canoe. Also was the Stern Man in a War canoe. Never lost a race.
I went out with a group in the early 90's and was the only canoe that did not capsize. Canoeing never left my mind. We just bought a house next to a small lake and I keep getting that "J" Stroke feeling.
Thanks for everyones help here.

Don’t ship UPS
See thebob’s thread about his experience getting a canoe shipped by UPS


why I do not want to have a canoe shipped. I don’t want any aggravation.(lost, damaged, etc)…and it could easily come from a large item being “in the mail”. Shipping companies are your best friend until the bill is paid. There are a few good ones out there however I don’t know where they are.

Stick with craigslist for a bit.
With a little time and effort, I’d bet you’d end up with a good canoe at a good price and possibly even get a local seller to deliver it, too. A little patience, diligence, honesty, and a willingness to pull the trigger when the right opportunity comes along, all go a long way to make cl work the way it’s supposed to.

I got my MRC Indy by spending five minutes almost every day cruising craigslist for +/- 6 months. Nice lady, nice canoe, nice deal, fifteen minutes from my house. It was WAY worth the trouble.

Bon chance!

Boat Shipping & L.L.Bean
Years ago when I purchased a couple kayaks for my nephews, I bought them from L.L.Bean because the shipping was so cheap. The shipping was about $25 per boat and were delivered by truck (NOT UPS) to a neighbors house down the road. Couldn’t deliver directly to my house as it’s back in the boonies. So, you may want to check out L.L.Bean. Not sure what boats they sell now, but their shipping is very reasonable and in my experience they are a “Stand up” company that is easy to deal with. WW

there is no aluminum at Beans

I think, and I know…

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"I think" you should check out craigslist in your local area. Lots of aluminum, and royalex canoes are often available, and often very reasonably priced.
This November I purchased an Old Town Canadienne as a result of a craigslist ad. It is in near new condition; having been used "once", and stored for many years. Two like new, Aviron Clement wooden paddles, were thrown into the deal.

I'd drive cross country, round trip, by myself, to pick up a canoe, before I ever let UPS get their hands on another canoe of mine.
If UPS was the only way for me to get a canoe; I'd paddle a kayak.
UPS sucks!


LL Bean has

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a (Royalex) Camper Canoe in 16'. Is 16 less fun than a 17'. I'm using it on a small lake and will be solo most of the time.

Now Opinions are Like Back Sides…

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...we all have a different one. IMHO if you were paddling mostly solo on a lake with occasional tandem, the Old Town Penobscot would be your better bet of the canoes L.L. Bean offers. The Camper, and 15' Camper (which is the old Pathfinder) are a bear to paddle solo. When you stop paddling, either boat wants to stop. To each his own, but the Penobscot or even the Wenonah Aurora will be more pleasant to paddle. Either will paddle solo much easier than a 17' aluminum, though. WW

Sportspal = no no
Every Sportspal canoe I’ve ever seen is excessively wide. While wide makes it harder to tip, it also makes it slow. I can’t imagine paddling a Sportspal solo.

+1 what WW said.
And the Camper gets blown around by the wind worse than just about anything. I consider it a better easy river canoe than lake canoe.

I have reviews here on both the Camper and the Penobscot, based on owning them both. The Penobscot definitely solos better.

lake in your Fl. back yard …

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....... wondering what type of lake ??

(many moons ago) when Jim retired , he got himself a place in Ft.Myers Fl. that was on a lake . Actually this community was pretty much a retirement type of place and there were 3 lakes in total , all connected by huge culver pipes (you could pass a jon boat through them) . Great fishing in all the lakes .

Reason I ask is I'm curious what size (acre wise) is your lake you want the canoe for ??

The lakes at Jim's place were in the 30-50 acre size (give or take) . That's not a large piece of water (50 acre) , and just about any canoe would be suitable for beboping around on them (weather considered of course) .

What is it that you specifically have a mind to use a canoe for on your lake ??

Is it to catch some of those nice Bass (fishing) ... just paddle around for liesure's sake occassionally (no rush or desire to move faster) ... maybe learn a few specialty moves like Freestyling (precision paddle and canoe control- canoe dancing) ... or are you wanting to do the "work-out" thing building up endurance by paddling at higher cadence (cardio and muscle toning) ... somethinmg other ?? Those were just a few suggestions to give you the idea of the question .

Perhaps if you could say what you think will be your primary paddling style and goals , some of these folks could steer you in a direction that will match a hull style to your desires better . Canoe hulls are different (hull shape and sizes) and one serves one purpose much better than another .