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Hi everybody. I’m new here.

I’ve been canoeing for over half a century, but am new to kayaking. Recently tried out a kayak that I like, and would like suggestions for others to try.

It was a 13.5’ Wilderness ride. Liked it because it was stable, tracked well (The tunnel hull design probably had a lot to do with it) paddled efficiently and carried easily (due to being much lighter in weight than similar ones that I tried. I tried a Heritage of about the same size, and found it to be inferior to the Wilderness in all of the features that I have mentioned.

I believe the list price is $ 800, and used ones are hard to find. If any of you can suggest others that I will probably like (for the features mentioned above), I would appreciate it.


Please look at thread below

light is a big deal for me
I usually paddle me lightest boat. Many are the same. Used kevlar can sometimes be sold for more than you paid for it.

buying a kayak
Hi Sancouci2,

Sounds like you and I are about the same Vintage.

Your height@weight will have a bearing on what you should be looking at.

Oldtown make great boats such as Adventure 125

or Cayuga 13 or the 146 .just to name a couple,also Riot kayak make a top quality product.Hope this is of some help.

Rde 135
I am new to kayaking. I purchased a Ride 135 in June of last year, after doping a lot of research. It was in my price range for a 1st yak. I wanted to make sure I would enjoy it enough to justify the money. I have not been disappointed in it at all. I also looked at the Heritage models, and even paddled the 12 foot model Redfish. It was a nice boat, but I like my Ride better. I did ot try out the 14 foot model. I have a friend (Druminator), who has a Hurricane Phoenix. He says it has very good secondary stability. I have seen him stand in it. The Phoenix models are much lighter than my Ride 135. I am guessing as much as 10+ pounds in equivalent lengths. It is made of thermo formed plastic. I’ve never paddled one yet, but it is a great fishing yak. It is narrower and should be much faster than a poly.