Purchasing my first whitewater kayak

I’m new to whitewater kayaking. 5’6 - 130 lbs and intend to use on class I-III rapids. Not interested in playing, but more getting down river, catching eddy’s and skill development. I’m between the Dagger Katana or the Pyrahna Machno. Any sound advice would be welcome.

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Full disclosure: I only have first hand experience w/ the Dagger Katana (10.4).

That said, it seems that the Katana & the Machno each focus on slightly different aspects of whitewater.

The Machno seems like a unapologetic, straightforward, whitewater river runner; fit for class lll & above.
Whereas the Katana, is most definitely a crossover hull, w/ a drop down skeg that allows one to ably paddle any rivers from class l–lV.
It’s slightly over-sized whitewater hull dimensions, coupled w/ ABUNDANT bow & stern interior volume allow for multi-day, self support excursions.

Following those parameters, the Machno will hands down perform better whitewater action. While the Katana will allow you to paddle the same boat from class l–lV; albeit as a master of none, so-to-speak.

Quick thought, have you looked @ or considered the Dagger Greenboat? That boat has always intrigued me(!).

Best of luck on your kayak research! :v:t4::call_me_hand:t4:!

Image below is the end of day 1 of a 3-day, 2-night, 35mile, multi-day float; everything is able to store internally w/ room to spare behind the seat.

Thank you. I will look into the green boat and keep doing some research. I’m new to this sport and it feels like that first year when I purchased a mountain bike. I wasn’t quite sure what I needed and grew out of that bike after the first year, but it was still a great experience.

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Right on, I know the rabbit hole you speak of, lol.
My most recent one is for a gravel bike after not having ridden in years!

W/ your intentions both immediate & further down the road ranging from class l-lll, I really can’t say a bad thing about a crossover like the Dagger Katana. Having the drop down skeg is the key attribute that allows this otherwise whitewater haul to navigate slow/swift moving flat water rivers.

Liquid Logic also makes a popular crossover yak— the Remix XP.
Similar dimensions to the Katanas. Main difference is the Remix has foot pegs—often seen on recreation craft. Whereas the Katana has a proper whitewater foot brace bulkhead.

both the Katana and Machno are well built.designed boats. The katana is more geared for a mix of class II or III ww along with flat water while the machno is a dedicated ww boat and a hot seller right now. The katana is one of the better outfitted crossovers but rolling and tight turns will require more effort but the katana will be far more efficient in the flats and very forgiving (which may stall skill growth). The skeg will make it easier to paddle straight but that is a skill you will need master without a skeg if you are paddling ww. The machno is the easiest boat I’ve ever rolled and is a forgiving ww boat (no hard chines/edges). The machno would be fine for a dedicated ww boat on a creek or river. If you are looking to paddle a substantial amount of flatwater or overnighting in addition to the ww then the katana would be my choice. If you are just looking for a dedicated ww boat for day trips then the machno would be my choice. I have paddled both the machno and katana and also own a remix xp10 (liquidlogics crossover and a pyranha 12r (pyranha’s ww race boat). The katana is a bit more versatile while the machno really excels at ww. I have paddled all of the boats mentioned in this post on class II. III ww and all are capable boats in the right set of hands.

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Thank you - great insight. I have bookmarked a couple youtube videos on each model, but after your reading your analysis, the katana sounds like more of a match for me with my skill set and what I hope to use the boat for. Thank you for taking the time to give a newbie some advice.

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