Purchasing Tips Needed...

I am a heavy set male ( 300 lbs.) but athletic looking to purchase a sea kayak. Any hints on what products will hold my weight and gear? Thanks in advance or any help you may be able to offer.

You might want to check here

they deal with boats for guys like us

Impex Assateague
I would suggest sitting in an impex assateague and trying one out. It is a good boat and I believe could fit someone 300 lbs, depending on how proportioned.

Anotehr impex or two
Serenity and serenity sport. More highly rockered than the assateague and lots of fun (expecially the serenity sport.

Qcc q500 not my favoriie but some fols really like them At 300 pounds you should not have to work hard to lean it, at 220 pounds is was way too much like work to get it to heel over. Get the rudder.

Pygmy arctic tern (wonderful kit boat) do not pay over 1500 dollars for even a pro built one.

Seaward vision, (seaward has great build quality).

2005 Seaward Tyee
Check out the new Tyee, they can make a HV version as well.

Wilderness Systems Tempest 180
Very nice boat, huge cockpit.

Thanks for the tips everyone. I will be sure to check them all out.