Purchasing used kayak when manufacturer is out of business

Looking for advice on purchasing a used 1992 EasyRider Eskimo kayak in excellent condition (found a great deal!). My primary concern is that it appears EasyRider has gone out of business. The website is up, but the phone defaults to robot message system and all emails return with error that mailbox is full. Also, I found a forum post where someone said the owner was closing business and nobody had purchased it. Sad news! In any case, I’m wondering about the wisdom in purchasing a kayak that will no longer have parts available. I’m relatively new to kayaking, so any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Overall, I wouldn’t worry too much if Easy Rider is out of production and you can’t get parts.

I owned a shorter Easy Rider Dolphin for a while, and looking at online photos it looks like the Eskimo has the same rudder and rudder pedal system. To me, that’s the most unique hardware, but it’s really pretty simple and a handy person could probably find a way to fix anything that might break. The hatch covers seal with a simple bulb seal that you can get from an RV supply place, but the fiberglass hatch covers themselves are unique so don’t lose those. Other hardware is pretty standard kayak stuff like pad eyes for the deck, as well as some stainless marine hardware.

Many (yes, many) sea kayak manufacturers have either gone out of business or been sold (typically to a larger manufacturer). If you check that the used kayak is in good shape that can be a splendid way to go. Flaws that are easy to repair/refurbish (e.g. deck rigging) are not a big deal. Of course, kayaks with significant flaws are to be avoided. Further, you can sometimes find reviews of discontinued models, occasionally even useful reviews.

If you find an interesting kayak, this forum is a good place to find more advice.

Hi Marco,

Welcome to Paddling. Most kayak “parts” are generic, except for the fiberglass hatch covers Wolf mentioned. The more you can do yourself, the greater the value the deal you found is. In any case, buying used from a reputable manufacturer still in business has little value because the warranty period has usually expired. If the price is right, you like the kayak, it fits you, and it works for where you want to kayak then go for it. Welcome to kayaking but remember, never kayak alone, wear a PFD at all times, and dress for the water temp, not the air temp.

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Thanks everyone for your advice!
That’s the information I needed to feel comfortable making the purchase.
See you on the water :wink:

What matters is whether the boat was well made and a good design. Easy Rider made excellent boats. I have always wanted one.

I have owned two Sawyers and a Bell Canoe Works canoes after they were out of business. I have an OT Canadienne that has been out of production for years. They are all great boats. Finding repair parts or repair materials are not an issue. A good boat is a good boat.