pure maddness or genius?

i have been looking for a new yak and i came across a super deal on one, but it’s a carbon honeycomb layup. i wanted a more durable kayak, but the price is right(sale price is less then fiberglass). so, in researching keel strips i came across a post on several kayak shops painting “truck liner” on the keel for protection. i think this is a great idea, easy to apply and upkeep. could you take this a step further and paint on a extra wide strip or even do the whole hull bottom. there would be a wieght issue but 2 pounds, big deal. the liner is smooth so increased drag would be minimal, i think. but what do you think?

Don’t make me come over there!
Don’t you dare put any crap on a hull like that! If it doesn’t suit you - let someone who appreciates what it was made for and will use it as intended buy it. You can go buy something in a nice rotomolded plastic…