Purple tarpon kayak?

To keep me from adding to my fleet of kayaks the wife has decreed that I can not buy another kayak until I find a purple Wilderness System Tarpon for her. She was under the impression that a purple color was not made.


So is it purple or just trick of the light?

I’ve been keeping the page up on the computer and every time she walks by I point at it and say “purple”

Getting the stink eye all morning.

I’d guess a shade of blue
Flourescent or other lighting can cause a color shift, and, a camera’s own white balance setting can be off. I could see that being either sky blue, darker blue. Also, that boat is more than 2 years old, based on the seat style. I think 2010 may have been the changeover year, but not certain, since I’m not a Tarpon guy.

It’s blue
No doubt.

We took a vote here, and the whole gang, (“the bride” and I ) voted that it is blue.

When the two of us agree on a color, it has to be that color!

Jack L

A couple of years ago, WS was targeting the female market. They had various models; with stylish writing and special colors, to attract female buyers. One of the colors offered was periwinkle. It was a bluish/purplish tint. It has been discontinued.

I would agree that it is a light blue color but on my screen it comes up as a light purple. I knew that a purple wasn’t offered by WS so I figured it was a different color but it is fun to nag the wife.

I was curious about the year as well, as 09 and newer has the slide tracks and locking hatch covers so it has to be at least an 08 or older model. Looks to be 14ft as it appears a bit stubbier than mine.

I already have 2007 tarpon 160i in mango and a tarpon 100 in red.

I didn’t know WS made a women’s line of colors. I would be interested in more information on those.