Purposefully NOT fishing

It’s our turn to babysit overnight. We’re going to go meet some friends today just MINUTES away from one of my favorite little fishing spots and instead I’m going to be doing hokey tourist fun stuff with the kids. Now I love doing that, but COME ON - MINUTES away!!! This is torture.

I am very purposefully NOT loading a couple canoes onto the truck right now.

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I Know what ya mean…
I had to leave the boat at home last time I went to the coast. I was going to help Dad do repairs on the camp and knew that if I brought a boat very little work would get done.

I with you on this. We are raising our
nearly three year old grandson and my wife’s asthma and sinus’ have been attacking her for the last week and half, so haven’t been able to take the kayak out. Also, needed to build a new rack for the F150 truck I picked up (2000 model) to replace the GMC Sonoma…engined kicked a rod through the block. Hate that when it happens…

I feel your pain
Every weekend now thruough the begining of June will be taken up with kids sports activities. Most are only an hour or two, but my son has a few ‘all day’ things. Throw in the normal homeowner spring chores, and honey-do’s, and my kayaking and fishing time goes down the tubes. I’m able to get out just as the water warms up, then all I hear is ‘You shoulda been here before it got hot, man we where killin’ them.’

There’s always divorce, but then there
would be no money for fishing with child support and, if in one of those states, alimony. Not suggesting doing it.

there is that
and, we do have a “divorce boat”, she hates it when I call it that.

Time to get food poisoning
"Dear, I really don’t feel well…I’m going to go lie down and try to catch up to you at (name your rendezvous)." Beg off–hopefully with the second car–hit the lake for two hours and come back. If you can put on a slightly green, clammy cast to your face when you return “feeling a bit better,” maybe it will cover up the grin on your face…

Gotta wear that 60 sun block, though.
Anything less and she may figure out what you were doing. Also, find a truck stop that will let you shower before you go home, kill that fishy smell.