Pushing /breaking Ice

Just wondering if anyone has suffered damage to a canoe by breaking ice while paddling.

Did find tht paddles don’t like the abuse.

Was fishing on Taylor Lake in Colorado this weekend and we encounted 3/8" ice and wacked a path with our paddles to get to open water.

Does anyone have experience with this type of hard water.

We were looking for Lake Trout that were not cooperating.

Nobody seems to want to answer this…
… so I’ll chime in. You probably won’t have to worry about this happening again until next fall anyway. The sound of ice cracking against the hull is a lot worse than the damage it does to your boat. I suppose it’s possible to get some scratches in the process, and I try to take it easy when taking a composite boat around ice, but I have yet to see serious scratches from breaking through ice. I’ve never tried to break through anything that thick, though.

I was hoping to read some practical advice.

Your comments about lack of damage mirrors are experience on this trip.

Our PolyGlass Sprit ll came through without a blemish. Its has a few previous issues in its life.

It was a strange feeling to be in the bow, cracking ice with my paddle.

Was a great day to be on a high mountain lake.