put ins in Tahoe for Emerald Bay camping

I have reserved a boat in spot at Emerald Bay for late June. Where can I put in that I can also leave a car overnight (legally and safely)? Looking for something 5 to 10 miles from Emerald Bay.

Put ins
Camp Richarson from the South, but you will need to pay. Meeks Bay to the north, but you will need to pay. Emerald Bay , but you will need to make arrangements with the rangers and pay. If you wanted to go a little further, you could park at Stateline at one of the casinos. They are pretty good about letting you park.

DL Bliss State Park
Its a nice little paddle from DL Bliss, which has a nice beach for a launch spot. Call ahead to check with Rangers on over night parking.

Its a long steep hike from Emerald Bay Campgrounds down to the water. I’ve done it, but would not want to do it again.

which campsites?
Barracuda - on the long, steep hike comment, are you talking about the boat in campsites (which on the map look like they are right next to the water) or the regular, drive in campsites?

Emerald Bay Campsite
is on the south part of Emerald Bay. It is not the boat in site and it is a steep climb to the beach. The boat in site is to the NW on the other side of the bay and is right on the water.

Boat-in sites, and boat-in sites

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Are all the boat-in sites on Tahoe easy to use for kayakers?

I've been at some boat-in sites elsewhere that only had boat "parking" at docks. A bit more difficult to load/unload the dry bags.

I am Ok with paying

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Guess I should have noted this - I am Ok with paying for parking. Camp Richardson and Meeks Bay both sound like possibilities.

Edit - Meeks Bay looks like the better possibility. Camp Richardson is about 3.5 mile, where Meeks is about 6.5 miles away. DL Bliss also looks a little too close. Supar Pine Point may be the right ditance, if I can launch there.

Only 1 boat in site
on Tahoe and that is in Emerald Bay. Larger boats need to moor. The dock is only for loading and unloading only.

Boat In Sites Are On The Water

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The boat in sites are right next to the lake. Easy access for kayakerss, but larger boats must moor and use a dingy.

Emerald Bay Capground on the south side is the steep hike from the beach to the nearest parking.

Sounds like you already know there is no vehicle access to the boat in sites, or Emerald Bay in general.

Next Tahoe question
I have never paddle Tahoe, but have paddled some of the reservoirs down near Bear Valley, so don’t know any of the specifics things to watch for on Tahoe. I know the lake is at altitude and the water cold - what else should someone from the Bay Area know before paddling there? Is there normally a prevailing wind? Winds come up at any certain time during the day? Any suggestions/thoughts/warnings?

Late June there will be lots of boat traffic, especially around Emerald Bay. Winds are usually from the SW and pick up in the afternoon. There are bears, but the main probem is chipmunks. Make sure you keep your food in the bear boxes and not in your tent. Temps get close to freezing at night.

I have actually gotten a feeling much like fear of heights from looking down into the water.

Its so clear it can feel like you are suspended in air.

Cut that out
I’ve seen those enticing photos of Lake Tahoe’s clear blue-green water.

One of these days…I guess we could make it out there in two long driving days.

The reflections can make you a bit dizzy

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And then you get surf the next day!http://ph.groups.yahoo.com/group/NDKOWNERS/photos/view/13c7?b=4