Putting neoprene gloves on damp or wet hands

Any tips on putting on neoprene paddling gloves when hands are wet or damp? It’s always such a PIA to get them on and off.

I typically wear poggies with bare hands, but the weekend forecast might require the gloves as well.

Many thanks for any and all suggestions—

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I hear ya! What I do that helps me is buy oversized gloves. It helps me get them on and off accepting the obvious compromises. I use Glacier Glove Perfect Curve exclusively.

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Yeah, I’m using Glacier Gloves. I’m planning to try putting on latex gloves first, hopefully that will help.

I really don’t want to buy yet another pair of gloves…

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Yeah. They ain’t cheap. I go through a pair every year of so. I have average sized hands but buy XL in Glacier Gloves. Always keep a dry pair where I can get to them.

Like 3M says, I also use gloves one size up, easier to get on and off, and leaves a little wiggle room inside. I like NRS Mavericks and also the Glacier Gloves, which I cut a wedge out of at the wrist and sewed, so the wrist has a bit of a seal. Having a dry spare pair definitely helps avoid the struggle to put cold hands back in wet gloves.