Putting the Canoe Name on the Hull

I would like to put the name of my canoe on the hull of my canoe. Is there any easy way to do this? Or is it too much of a hassle? It’s not something I have to do, but I sure would like to do it. Thanks in advance for the help!

Sign shop
I suspect that you have a sign shop near you. They can make lettering that will do the trick. Lots of colors and fonts. For mine, the lettering came pre-spaced and attached to a strip of paper. I just peeled off the backing, positioned the paper on the hull, rubbed the paper over where the lettering was to make sure it stuck and peeled the paper away. Ten minutes, twenty bucks. Piece of cake.


Presson Vinyl Letters From Walmart
I put some on a canoe long ago, and they stayed on. I had to put registration numbers on the hull anyway, because it had an electric motor.

Most kits come with enought letters to also do the boat name. You can get registration number kits at marine stores.

Vinyl Letters
Not sure why you’d want to…but… a sign shop (like Signs-Pro) could probably cut you Vinyl letters in your choice of color, size and font… since that’s what many boat manufacturers use… I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

Just remember… even with 303, you’re hull color WILL fade with sun light over time… except under those letters :slight_smile:

Definitely a Sign Shop
They can so all sorts of fonts and colors; maybe even add a small graphic for you. If you live near a marina check to see who does the majority of the boats. In Ocean Springs, MS its my baby sister.

Stay safe on the water,

NC Cal

try the website edecals.com
I ordered mine and received it within a week and it was custom-a swan with Blue Swan II underneath it. Have not put it on the boat yet-but I do like what I got. Very reasonably priced also.



Crayon, the folk art approach.

crayons taste good also

Sign Shop
I got my lettering from a sign shop. I got “Alison Paige Angel Girl” as a tribute to my daughter who passed away last October. The metalic gold lettering is real fancy and it’s shaded black. Same lettering that they use on trucks. If you would like to see a pic send me an email and I’d be glad to send you one. I had the shop install the letters since the letters where so fancy and thin in some areas.