Putting together kayak trip?

Hey all,

I am new to the sport and am looking to put together a overnight trip soon for myself and one friend, and was wonder how you guys go about doing the research where to put in and take out, how many miles to make a trip…I really appreciate the help, if it is of any help we are looking at the Big River in Missouri. Thanks, Dave

Trip Planning
Check out the “Places to Paddle” section of this site (in the left column) for trip ideas in your area. Put a posting in the advice section with the sub-section of “destinations” and ask other P-net users about the trip…timing, places to stop, etc. Chances are somebody on the site has made that same trip before.

take experience from day trips
I set my distance desired based on day trips I have taken. On an overnight, you don’t have the car loading/unloading and travel on both ends of the days you paddle, so that saves some time, so you could paddle a bit longer. But your boat may be loaded, which may slow you down some.

We have found that with touring kayaks, we generally go for at least 10 miles in a day. So we look for places that allow us to do 10 to 15 miles between launch and camp.

On finding places, we ask around. P.nets places to paddle is a good start (and I did post a few of the NorCal overnights I have done there). Or you could just try googling the word “paddling” or “kayaking” along with the name of the area you are interested in, and likely will find Blogs from people who have done trips.

Of course, you are looking at a river, so allow for the currents.

Think about shelter?
I am not familiar with that area, but just a general consideration if it’s just two of you. If one gets injured or sick to a degree that the other person really can’t safely move them, you’ll want to have as base somewhere with good shelter so that they would be dry and warm if left. A dislocated shoulder could put you in this spot - it doesn’t have to be a catastrophic event.

One reason that three is a favored number by the truly conservative is that it gives you one person to get help and the other to stay with someone who is injured, or two to tow, that kind of thing.

Get the Missouri Ozark Waterways
guide by OZ Hawksley, it’s avail from MO DNR www.mo.dnr.gov I think for around $8. Also at most DNR gift shops. It’ll give you mile by mile descriptions of most of the rivers in southern MO. It lists public access’ likely campsites and permanent hazards. Also lists the class rating and approximate drop in feet per mile so you can judge the current.

One word of caution sooner or later you’ll look at the other rivers listed and think hmmm! It’s a slippery slope your starting down. During warm summer months going on weekdays you’ll miss a lot of beer swilling crowds that infest the more popular rivers.



Ozark Waterways
Just ordered the book off amazon, thanks and keep the info coming.

Gotta love the net

1st hit when I googled Big River Missouri

sounds like Water Moc heaven
and conjurs up memories of the river crossing scene from Lonesome Dove.

I can’t wait!
Thanks for the book recommendation randy.

medicineman, the mineral fork is what sounds like cottonmouth heaven, nothing mention about the actual Big River.