PVC Kayak Cart Instructions?

Hello all, i cannot find the archived info for making a homemade kayak cart - I have wheels but would like some pics or help with making a cart for an Ocean Kayak Frenzy sit on top (wide) I dont want one that goes thru the scupper holes as i want to keep the scupper plugs in them for now. Just something that i can put a strap around to hold it on the cart somehow. My paddleboy large cart wont fit the bulbous width of the frenzy at all!


…Check the WCP site. There have been a number of discussions on carts and some good ideas.

See this site and email author

He made two recently if you see todays post plus one from last week. He’s my brother. He’ll help u.

pvc kayak cart
go to http:/ kayakfishingstuff.com

They have an excellent cart with step by step instructions.

Thanks will check those sites out!