pvc overboots for portaging?

has anyone used industrial style pvc overboots over their normal footwear for portages? At $20/pair I don’t expect them to last more than a couple years, but my ankles will definitely NOT last through a few more spills on slippery trails while carrying my canoe. FWIW, I would be using the overboot over milspec jungle boots.

thanks in advance

Never even heard of them!
They make boots that fit over your boots? I cannot even find boots that fit over my neoprene waders! where can I find these overboots?

Are you sure you’re not pulling my leg?

I’ve used this and they work great!



Second Happy Tingley User
I’ve used Tingleys for years at my job, over my work boots, and have hiked goodness knows how many miles on wet days with Tingleys over my hiking boots. They are quite light but last longer than you’d ever expect. And yes, I’ve used them for paddling, but usually not anymore now that I have “real” paddling boots. Just thought I’d chime in because they really are a lot tougher than you’d guess if all you did was look at them.

looks like I’m ordering a pair tonite!

NEOS have been on my mind …
… for awhile now , ever since I discovered a pair in a Good-Will store some years back (they didn’t fit me) , though I was impressed .

NEOS have a variety of styles and duty services available .


you need to buy wading shoes that are made for fitting over waders, typically you have to buy a wading shoe 2 x’s bigger than your normal shoe size to fit.

I would have to caution you on using overboots, much like the yellow construction boots commonally seen, as they may put too much strain on your knees for hiking purposes. if your boots are too slippery …I’d look at diff boots with a different tread. another option would be to use those Carbide spikes over-sole sandals if things look like they are going to be slippery.