PVC Paddle Parks


Wondering if there’s a link someone can direct me to for how to make spare paddle parks out of PVC for the foredeck of my kayak.


body boat blade
has them in their shop

maybe you can get them over the phone

PVC Paddle Parks
Thanks, Bohemia. I’ll check in with them. Meanwhile, I know I’ve seen a site, or read an article recently, that had the whole deal with specs, etc. For the life of me, I can’t seem to find it online anywhere.

Spare Paddle Holders

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I found the following passage (author unknown), which describes a photo in my computer files:

"The pieces are 15 inch long 1.5" diameter ABS pipe (much thinner than PVC). They are the drain elbows that go underneath a double kitchen sink.
When you go to the hardware store, look in the sink repair section. You'll recognize them when you see them. They cost about $2.50 each. Some people connect them on with extra bungie cord. I just hold them on with "1 rubber plumbing gaskets (use "1 because it gives you a tight secure fit). The gaskets hold them securely yet allow you to remove them when they are not needed thus taking care of the ugly factor."

The photo depicts them installed on someone's foredeck, but I'm too computer stupid to figure out how to attach it here. I hope this is of some help.

Spare Paddle Holders
Thanks, Seaddict. Very helpful!

Here’s a photo
Guess the padder


Guess the paddler
Steve Scherer?

Guess the paddler
Duh…didn’t see the title of the photo by scrolling down 'til after I posted my guess. I’ve only had 7 cups of coffee today, so that’s my excuse…

ABS Waste pipes

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I installed a pair of these paddle holders on the bow of my new boat earlier this year. They work quite well.

First here is a link with better pics...

I believe the material in question is actually 15" x 1.5" ABS waste pipes and it can be a bit difficult to find since many hardware stores have switched over to PVC.

I was able to order them in Black from my local True Value hardware store. There cost was $2/ea.
I much prefer the stealthy black look to the white.


Thanks, Joe
Appreciate the link, and yeah…black is very stealthy. They’ll never see you coming… :wink:

here are a few more pix

different angles and such…

they work great with Lendal crankshafts!

i did add a series of holes on the underside to help drain them out after a roll etc…but i did make my set after seeing the pic of steve…


what about…
the pipe thing works fine but have you thought about…

on the foredeck…take the split and with blade pointing toward the the bow, insert the end of the loom under the bungie farthest forward…now, take that split and horizontally spin it around so that the blade is pointed towards the deck…move the split forward/backward to get the loom/blade under additional bungie going across your deck.

on the rear deck…same process with the blade starting pointing towards the stern.

with the bungie wrapped around the end of the split like that, i’ve never had a split come loose under even the most extreme conditions.

Sounds like a good option…

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This is why these boards are so nice. It's just great for the exchange of ideas.
In all honesty I have never thought of, or tried your method of carrying spares.

How easy do you find it to remove half the paddle when inverted?

The ABS holders provide very easy access while up-side-down.


not hard…

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coupla of things will come into play...

whether or not the power face is up or not - if it's facing the deck, it can be more difficult to get a good purchase on the blade. i like how it sheds water better power face down but it is more difficult to grab and

on my lendals (surely other paddle splits are similar) have found that the split with the 'button' on it can get a little caught up on that forward bungie (nothing a good yank doesn't solve) but if you're careful about arranging that split in the first place, it's a non issue.

i use a split on the rear and a split on the foredeck and practice grabbing either while upside down and then rolling up with only the split fairly regularly....haven't had a problem so far with them getting hung up.

most recently was out this weekend in 5-6 foot surf playing around on, in and (under) the break...surfed, had some dump right on me (which is a fair amount of force and reasonably, if anything was going to shake loose, that'd do it) and nothing moved even a bit.

in my experience, this has worked quite well.