pvc pipe and acetone canoe repair

My ABS canoe has begun to wear through the outer layer after years of use. A gentleman told me to put PVC elbows in a glass jar with acetone to make a skim coat repair. Any body heard of this and have a formula of how to?

link from 2 years back

there’s more threads out there, C-boats.net, NPMB.com, as well as here. Legos are a great idea I think. I like the ABS weld wire as it’s virgin and convenient.If you use pipe make sure it’s ABS and not PVC.


Mat, you were lurking, no? Maybe
you should bottle the stuff and sell it.

nah, just that
TV is horrible, and I was doing my rounds…facebook,p-net,npmb,amazon,youtube…:wink:

Yup, use that canning bottle, with the sealing top, and this stuff will stay liquid for a long time.

Shipping would probably require Haz-mat, and liability would be a deal breaker I am sure. Lord knows I’ve peeled this stuff off my fingers enough times.

You want ABS, not PVC
Use black ABS drain pipe, or if you want a color match, get some Legos off eBay - they’re made out of ABS, too.

By “outer layer”, you mean the vinyl
skin is what’s worn off? Or is it worse than that?

Just the outer layer
I have several spots that have worn through the original black outer layer to show an inner whitish layer.

ABS is fine
if you went through the white layer, you’d want a coat of gorilla glue in there first as a barrier between the hull and acetone.

Wow! Success with Legos!
I melted a batch of black Legos in acetone and skimmed a layer on my ABS canoe where it was wearing thin and it worked SUPER! Thanks for the idea. It has added new life to the old boat.

great. Thanks for getting back
to us. An unused canoe is a terrible thing to waste!