pvc rod holders

Anybody out there have a good plan fo making a pvc rod holder? Don’t know if it matters but I am currently paddling a walden vista

Cabelas has clamp on rod holders for 4 bucks a pop. I assume you will be using these in the boat.

thanks for the
heads up, I am looking in the spring master catalogue now but I can’t seem to find the ones your refering to.(yes in the boat)

Go to the webpage and search rod holders. I think it is on the 3rd page of results. They are pretty simple.

Thanks man

easy to make
i took a milk crate and bungy corded it to my kayak behind the seat. i then took two 1 ft. sections of pvc and cable tied them to the milk crate. it makes for a good carrier for your tackle/stuff and a good rod holder. i can get 2 rods and all my tackle , plus my battery for my fishfinder all in one shot. when im done i just unhook the crate and it goes in the back of my truck for the next trip.

sounds like a
good system, not sure it would work for me though, I have a walden vista and there isn’t any room between the seat back and the cockpit coaming.

just strap it
to the top of the kayak or you can drill holes in the top , mount the pvc right down into the boat and seal them up… i know i know , no one likes to cut holes in their boats lol.

PVC rodholder for trolling
I took my trolling rod (heavy saltwater spinning) into Lowes, and found a pvc section that it fit. Then got that one, and one that the first section of PVC fit into. Took a jigsaw, and cut a slot so the base of the reel fit into, and about 3 inches down the PVC. Cut a piece out of the larger PVC, and cut a gap in it to fit slightly wider than the long piece of PVC that is the actual rodholder. Ran a couple of beads of epoxy abound the rodholder at the bottom of the slot to a height of about 1/4 of an inch. Did the same just short of the end. With the slotted piece of larger PVC between the two lines of epoxy, you have a device to lock the rod into the holder. Mound the rodholder on your milkcrate with those plastic pull-thru ties, lots of them, and bungee your milkcrate down hard. Trolling in saltwater means you never really know exactly what kind or what size fish will hit, but with the locking rim, you will have less chance of needing a new rod.