PXT Kayaks Wing Paddles

I’m in the market for a new wing paddle and I came across these on the web.


Has anyone had any experience with these wing paddles?

Thanks in advance.

No experience, but …
I looked at their website and read the one review. I have an Onno wing that is the same price and similar material. And my guess is their paddles are just fine. I went with Onno because of the reputation. And I am very happy with the result. Their paddles will likely work well for you. But they are no longer advertising on pnet the last time I looked.

Shafts and
locking mechanism look exactly like Epic’s. I have an Epic mid, Jantex large minus and have used my training partner’s Onno mid small, for quality and performance I recommend the Jantex. Unlike most of the over aged and out of shape p-netters who have to use a wing just to keep up with the old ladies in there paddling group, I recommend you use a wing only for racing. If you do decide to go with a wing check out this web site http://www.paddleracer.com/ .

get an onno
You will not be upset. Judging by your stable of boats you can handle a wing fine. Call and talk to pat and just order one. Many blade sizes and the adjustable ferrel is pretty awesome. Plus, most importantly, they are extremely light and beautiful.

Ryan L.

Ditto ONNO

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I've got two wings and one of his 'feather" paddles, top quality and works of art.

Read the reviews here....


Looked at the Enduro

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on their web site, and the shape of the blade, the way the neck of it is thick and the overall profile, and the locking mechanism, the way the length is marked with the sticker - looks like an Epic mid or a small mid. Not saying it is a knock-off but looks awful similar.

I bought another "like Epic" paddle from a US-based company (Peregrine) and it is either a knock-off or a re-branded Epic. It is not just similar - it is exactly the same. I showed it to an Epic representative and he told me that one could buy the shafts from third parties, but he was surprised to see the lock being exactly the same (except the color of the lever is red on mine and the Epic was black, I think). The serial # on the Epic blade was also like the old-style Epic blades when they used to be made in SA and not China. The material and workmanship on the blade was indistinguishable from the genuine Epic he was holding. It clearly came from the same factory that Epic used. So his guess was that somehow someone got a batch of these and put them together, stamped the Peregrine logo on the blade and is selling them as "Peregrine". And that is not necessarily a piracy either - they may have been seconds of some sort or who knows what. But they are Epics under the skin and probably should be marketed as such even if they have someone else's logo on them. These are no longer available from Peregrine as far as I know ... Another Epic rep was selling paddles *exactly* like mine that Epic sells at slightly lower price because they combined carbon blades (top of the line) with Epic's green shaft (bottom of the line) - mine from Peregrine is exactly like that, so perhaps someone got a batch of these on the cheap from Epic and rebranded them for Peregrine...

Anyway, not saying the same holds true for this manufacturer here, just the lock and the blade shape look just like Epic's (and exactly like mine, with the red lever) and that probably is not a coincidence...

Thanks guys !

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I am pretty much caught up on the wings now as well so no long delay before I can get them out.

To answer some of the questions raised above ... YES ! One can pick up the phone and be in the Wing Paddle business selling clones pretty quick.

Humblest thanks for supporting the little guy making the best stuff in the world right here in the US.

For the business advice :slight_smile: I was looking for a new venture. I don’t care if it takes 6 months I won’t paddle anything else. Hope the weather is nice. Oh yeah it always is.

Ryan L.

Coming Late to the Party…
but I too, can recommend Pat’s ONNO product. Light, smooth and well-mannered in all aspects of the stroke, the best QR ferrule in the business and a thing of beauty in all their carbon fiber artistry-nice, nice wing.