Pygmy Manuals

I’m toying around with the idea of building a Pygmy kayak. I have their catalog and I’ve been to their web site but I’d really like to see a complete manual for one before jumping into this project. Has anyone found a manual online? I don’t care which model it is. I just want to see the step by step procedures.

I have one
I built an Osprey Standard years ago and I think I can lay my hands on it. As I remember it runs to quite a few pages. I’m not aware of an online source. Send me a PM. I will look for it. Perhaps I could mail it to you if you send it back after you read through it.

Try this
A Pygmy Arctic Tern building diary

You can get more feedback from the kayak building bulletin board, probably links to several diaries:

I remembered that Pygmy has a building page. At the bottom there are links to various builders logs:

And CLC has a page as well:

Pygmies don’t use manuals. Oral
tradition only.

Been getting a little hot down there in Georgia, has it?

Did you ask Pygmy?
They are very helpful…