Pygmy Murrelets

I’m looking into building my first kayak. Initially I was going to build the AT17. Then I decided I wanted something with a little tighter fit, hence the Murrelet.

I am 210lbs., 5’-10" solid build.

I have a comp. Chatham 17 which fits me great and the Murrelet 4p has about the same profile. But I’m hesitant to take the plunge into something that’s still relatively new without confirmation it’s a good buy. I live in Mich. so I can’t easily try one out.

Does anyone have experience with the Murrelet boats?



re: Pygmy Murrelets
There are several you tube clips - this is the more rockered hull.

I think that if the paddler in the video was in a pungo it would still look as smooth.

My biggest concern would be if I could live without a skeg. I assume that the low deck version will weathercock less, but for me at least there is something comforting about being able to just drop the skeg and go. I am sure that I would adjust after a period - and probably be a better paddler for it; but recall a couple of trips with my tempest with a skeg that wouldn’t deploy. Very frustrating at the time.