Pygmy QC XL pictures needed

Hello I am tying to find any info I can on a pygmy queen charlotte xl. I am intrested in buying one of these kits but there is not enough info out there for me to make a decision. Any pictures or info would be great.


Tried Pygmy?

And if you give them a call they will answer any questions…

Pygmy qc xl pictures
I contacted pygmy about qcxl pictures but there are no more. I am tring to find someone who has more pictures. I would like to have a better idea of exactly how the boat looks. If I weighed a little less or had any experience at all with a kayak I would have already ordered the qc19 it looks great to me. I am hoping that the qcxl looks good also but cannot tell until I see more pictures.

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Did you ask Pygmy for the contact information for other folks who have built one? Most builders are happy to share information about their boats.

I found qc-xl pictures
I found some pictures online that I was looking for. I believe this is the boat I will build. I just need to be sure there ar not other boats that will work for my large size and lack of paddling skills.

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what info do you need?
honestly what you can get from photos is limited, as are dimensions. It looks like a QC. It’s a big maneuverable kayak that will teach you to lean and turn a kayak in a normal fashion. If at some time you want to add a retractable skeg or rudder that option is always there. I wouldn’t bother trying to build it light, glass the exterior with 6oz with an extra layer of 4 or 6oz on the bottom. That’ll make it tough enough to slid onto rocks without too much worry. It may come out weighing 50-55lbs which is perfectly ok for a big guys boat that will get rough use. I made a Ch18 for kayak lessons that weighed close to 55lbs with recessed hatches and extra reinforcement to handle 300lb+paddlers. The QCXL will weathercock more but will be a better responding kayak in wind/waves. I’d suggest building it well and learning to go in a straight line with it and then at some point down the line adding a retractable skeg like the kind in most commercial kayaks. I think Mark Rogers (Arctic Hawk) is selling a skeg kit, otherwise a lot of folks out there have made up their own design.

A maneuverable kayak with a skeg tends to be more fun in a variety of conditions than a stiff tracking or unresponsive kayak with a rudder.