Pymatuming Lake suggestions

Thinking about paddling Sunday there and have never been. On the PA side (from Pittsburgh) where is a good place to launch for scenery etc? No worries about wind/waves etc. Thanks for any suggestions!

North shore

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is what I like best. You can launch at the ramp near the Linesville campground.

I am partial to that end of the lake due to the islands, the wetlands, and the "bones" on the shoreline washed up during storms. A fine place to paddle - I wish it were not six hours away from me.


A group of P-Netters camps at Linesville several times a year (Ness & Hopsing, Nightswimmer, Frank, NT sometimes, and myself. Watch for postings.

Thank you!

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That sounds like a great place to paddle. Would Wilson launch be a good place to put in as i dont see a boat launch at Linesville?
I met Ness last year - she is a great person! Would love to meet up with paddling friends for sure!

I just spent last night there…
Jsaults and a few of us camp and paddle there out of Linesville. I was there most of yesterday till about noon today. The campground was just about empty. As far as putting in, there is a marina or drive into the campgroud and put in at the little (non-swimming) beach. Or just park by the swimming area and put in there, That part of the lake is the most scenic as there are islands. I spent 2 hrs. this morning chasing and photographing 3 youn eagles. Last time we camped there, I came upon a Pileated woodpecker taht was taking chunks the size of a good fist off a tree. I didn’t know what the heck it was till some other P-netters I was with told me. It’sa nice place to paddle. It was like glass all day yesterday, last night, and today.

Uh Jim… they aren’t posted anymore…

Wilson’s a very nice place to put in…

True, Rick.
I realized that after I responded.

Ness, if you read this send a personal e-mail to this lady.


Is Pymatuming Swampy right now?
Was told it isnt nice to paddle this time of year - If i put in at Linesville, is it reasonably clean?



It was fine…


let us know how ya liked it…

I will! - all ready to go
Now just waiting for morning!

so you’re a beginner with a Beale?
Nothing like starting out with the best!

I am a beginner

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as my skills are pretty pathetic but i have been paddling when i can for a few years now - got the Beale probably 2 years ago and i absolutely love it! The only thing i would change is the length of the loom which is 22" and i think i could take it down some for a better paddling stroke - i need to keep adjusting my hands as i tend to grip it towards the shoulders! Considering ordering another one but from who?? Beale, Lumpy, or a carbon ....but i need to fine tune it first before the big bucks for a carbon one i think!
On our way out soon! Looks like a great day!!!

It was a GREAT DAY
It was not mirror like - actually fairly choppy but that was ok as i like some action on the water. I was paddling my husbands current design sirocco today which is a little bobbier than my tempest is but it was fun. We put in at the boat launch in Linesville, met and spoke for a very long time with a “huge” family of Swiss Amish as they were hanging around us as we were unloading our boats! That was fun in itself as I have never had the opportunity to speak to any Amish people before. The women never spoke though - just stood by and listened to us (me and a couple of the men talk)

Then we paddled to the spillway and what a treat that was! We launched by the spillway and walked up and saw what all the people were astounded by - Soo many carp… After that, we paddled to Alcatraz or something past Linesville and saw the most unreal huge lily pads like something out of a horror movie! They even stood up in the air. Oh the other thing there were lots of - pontoon boats and only 1 lone kayaker that we saw from afar. By then, it was time to take out and head home.

All in all, we loved this lake - so big - so much to discover on other trips there (about 100 miles for us) We will definitely be back!

It’s the same distance for me…
I’m 20 mi. west of Cleveland…