Pymatuning in January

My wife & I decided to run up to Pymatuning this afternoon with our Lab.

Did the mandatory stop at the spillway, and saw something that I have never experienced. Not a single carp, anywhere. We tossed a few pieces of bread, and they just floated till we got tired of watching them. No carp, no ducks, no gulls. It was eerie…

We did see plenty of geese out further, and deer, etc, just nothing at the spillway. I’ve never seen that, even in winter. I guess they were out in deeper (warmer) water maybe?

Fish go to warmer water when the water
temp falls, that usually means deeper. On fairly warm bright days, they move up into shallower waters to feed, assuming that water warms and the bait critters and fish move in. Carp are omnivorous and are moving with the food, especially since the vegetation the eat may have disappeare. andDon’t know about the geese and ducks, the wild ones come down here and points south.

The spillway referred to
at Pymo is famous for teh large numbers of carp that congregate there to feed on bread thrown by visitors. Pymo, where the ducks walk on the fish.


But, are the visitors there in the