Pyranha Burn Vs Everest

 I realize the Everest is a new boat but anyone have an opinion on how these two compare to each other? I have paddled the large Burn and really like it. Best I can tell from the info  I have received is the Everest is a little larger Burn with a few slight changes made to the hull. Being new, the Everest is a couple hundred bucks more price wise. Trying to determine if it is worth the extra cabbage. Thanks!!

As mostly sea kayakers plying
these waters you might want to ask this same question in boatertalk. While i am a white water paddler never seen either of the species you are asking about, though i do like my I:3. See you downstream.

Thanks Kan
I have posted there already too. Just thought I would give it a whirl on both sites. :slight_smile:

Not afraid to look dumb, who makes
the Everest? I am large and feckless and interested in such boats.

makes the Everest also. It is a new boat based on the Burn.

burn vs. everest
it depends on how big you are and what your intended use is. if the large burn is a little small, or if you are looking at doing some multi-day self supported trips where you will be hauling some weight, then you should look at the everest. for everything else, i’d say the burn.

Is the Everest that
much bigger than the Burn? According to the specs, it doesn’t seem to be that much larger. I’m 6’ 220# and the Burn fits me nicely and paddles well but having a little extra room for stuff would be nice as long as the performance is there. Anyone know how the Everest paddles compared to the large Burn?

I’m your size and the L Burn works fine
for self support and day trips. The Everest seems cool but I don’t need that much volume. The Burn is a very cool kayak.