Pyranha Nano or other playable r runner

I’m curious to hear what experienced whitewater paddlers think of the new Pyranha Nano design:

Would this be a good choice for a less experienced paddler to have fun and learn to surf in class III-IV whitewater? Any other recommendations? I went through my first season in a Liquid Logic Remix, which I quickly learned can’t really do everything. It was good for learning strokes, going confidently over decent-sized drops and waves, punching through holes, etc., but I quickly noticed that all my new paddling buddies had shorter boats and were having more fun.

I will keep the Remix for long river trips with some whitewater, but I want a boat better suited to short whitewater runs involving moderate drops, quick maneuvers, and play/surfing (though not advanced vertical moves–if I ever get that far, I’ll get an even more specialized boat). Does the Nano look ideal for that? Or is it more of a creeker, and should I consider instead something like the Ammo, Fun, or Hero?

Thanks in advance.

haven’t seen one
but from looking at the pictures and videos that are readily available it would be a pretty sure bet that it would be a lot more playful than your Remix XP.

There are so many river runner/play boats available now that it is hard to make any specific recommendation for a given individual. A lot of it comes down to personal preference.

The Nano looks to have a pretty flat bottom but with significantly more volume and deck height than a boat like the Jackson Fun. The Fun series, with its duck bill front and less volume in the ends is designed that way to allow the ends of the boat to be easily submerged or sliced under the water for vertical moves like stern squirts, loops, and cartwheels. If you don’t plan to be doing that sort of thing you may well be more comfortable paddling a boat with ends that like to stay above the surface, like a Hero or perhaps this Nano.

the ad states it is a short creek boat.
Given its design and the ad it is probably a great for creeking as its ends show good volume for resurfacing and short for quick turns. I would say there are better boats out there for surfing and other “river play”. You mention class IV, perhaps at that level this boat will do what you want in handling drops, ledges etc. I would also add that there are other more playful models than the Jackson Hero which is a great boat also.

not sure on the Nano
I have a Super Hero, and as was stated, it is in the same class as the Remix. River runner/creeker, but not much for play except simple surfs, and a cork in the ocean.

The Ammo was not too popular, I’ve heard it described as ‘a turd’ but some experienced people liked them, they are very cheap on the used market, and I understand they were one of the two ‘parent boats’ of the Nano. One might suit you, but it might not have the highest probability.

For river play, people I know go for the Fun series, the Fuse, or other, older play boats. If they liked RPM’s or they surf the ocean they often go for Dagger Axiom or Jackson Fun Runner or Pyranha Z One.

You can have fun in almost any boat
Just need to find the “right” water for it…

If you want to surf short steep waves or holes, you will be better off with a playboat or play-river like the Fun or Fuse. For longer less steep greener waves you want something faster, like the RPM or Axiom or Zen or even Diesel. The Remix (assuming not the XP range) can also front-surf just fine. But for flat spinning and carving you want something with a flat bottom. For long very fast waves get an even longer 12+ footer like Perception Pirouette and the like.

I have the Fuse 64 and recently added the Dagger Axiom 8.5 and there is quite a difference between these. They are both playful in their own ways. You need to try a few different boats to see what works best for the conditions you paddle in… I like the speed and surfing abilities on the Axiom for moving around or cross ferrying and surfing where the Fuse is too slow. The Fuse is more fun on short steep waves (park and play) and is good for class 3-4 river running too as long as you do not need too much speed. The Axiom is all about speed and edges and not necessarily very reassuring in squirely conditions like a river runner with more tail volume and less edge would be…

Thanks to all for your comments. Definitely giving me some other ideas to look at, find reviews, etc. I’m still curious about the Nano, partly because it looks so different, with the volume at the ends combined with the flat hull and chine. But maybe you don’t see other boats like that because it’s not a practical design… I want something that I will grow into learning to surf and tackle more challenging features over the next few years. My three main spots to use it will be the Kettle and Vermillion Rivers in MN and the Wausau Whitewater Park in WI.