Pyranha Prozone 230

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Just a quick question - would a Pyranha Prozone 230 be an appropriate first time WW boat? I'm not looking to do any play boating, just basic down river stuff, and some drops. There's one for sale for about $300 very close to me.

I'm 5'10" and 165lbs, athletically built.


Any time
( long answer to your question) the intended use description reads “park and play” thats all you really need to tell you that its a pure play boat, not really designed for all river running and especially not drops.

The slicey, low volume ends on it are designed to purposely get caught in small river current, so a play boater can execute play moves with the help of the current. That translates to “grabby” for a beginner. It will do the “rag doll” routine with someone who doesn’t understand whats going on.

My opinion, since you used the term ‘drops’, look for a used creek boat to learn in. The ends of the boat will have much more volume to help ‘bounce’ the kayak off the surface of the water on the drops, instead of ‘slice’ thru the surface on the landing, where you’ll get into trouble. Sounds to me like you may alwasy want a creeker in your quiver anyway, then once you get to know what else you like about whitewater, you can buy that type of ww boat also.

Hope this makes sense.

(short answer to your question) No.


you’ll spend a lot of time upside down
Prozone was designed during the heyday of ‘endless cartwheel’ rodeo competitions. It’s a total park-and-play boat, not a river runner. Not a good choice as a beginner boat.

But it was
the prefect answer! Definitely not the boat for me if it is really a “park and play” boat. I couldn’t find any info on it at Pyranha’s site or anywhere else that described its intended usage.

I’m looking to eventually pick up a used WW boat for under $300 that would be suitable for running down rivers with Class II or light Class III, and things that are really rocky. My Tsunami 120 doesn’t handle shallow rocky water ways very well.

Saw this boat come up on ebay for buy it now at $279 and only 30 miles away so thought I should consider it.

I’m keeping my eyes out for a used Crossfire or Animas, or RPM that are in my price range.


found this in Paddler Magazine
Pyranha ProZone 225/235

Pyranha is known for their cutting edge creek boat designs. Last year they made a big splash with the InaZone playboat. This year they’ve set it off with the ProZone, a high-end freestyle dream.

They started with the successful shape of the InaZone and redesigned it into a low profile playboat. The ProZone is driven by balance and agility, yet is friendly to all skill levels. The sharp concave chines create a seriously loose hull that rips any wave to pieces. Although spins are effortless in this boat, we found that the ProZone begs for more explosive moves like dynamic blunts. Sleek, low-volume ends beg for verticality both in a hole and on flatwater. The bow and stern pull through the water with ease and are quick to initiate for endurance sessions at your favorite playspot.

The ProZone has a new innovative seat adjustment system similar to the Storm, only better. The seat is fully adjustable with grommets that allow movement without having to deal with screws. The ProZone offers the same shock-block system as the InaZones, but Pyranha added a block in the stern to prevent creasing or folding. The ProZone is available in two sizes, the 225 and the 235. It was a favorite for this test team, and we give it two thumbs up.

A bit further than 30 miles
but Atlantic Kayak in Peekskill, NY has a bunch of used RPMs and similar WW boats for sale.