Pyranha Recoil S Kayak info needed

Regarding a 2007 Pyranha Recoil Small Kayak : It’s missing foot bracing. It has a bow support pillar so I believe I’m looking for foam blocks. Does anyone have any experience with this kayak and have any suggestions. Actually any input from a user would be very much appreciated! Thank you.

does it have a bulkhead that moves,
look for knobs on the sides, undo, move bulkhead and reinsert tracks over pegs and twist knobs back on tightly. That’s how it works on my shiva. Bulkheads provide more support and protection than footpegs in ww.

custom foam block or Happy Feet
I think that kayak just used a semi-fitted foam block. I’ve built a couple of custom fitted foam foot blocks for whitewater boats. It gets a bit tedious, and, that’s after you’ve got some decent foam (and DAP Weldwood contact cement) too work with. You might want to look at getting an (expensive) Jackson Happy Feet bag, an easy solution.

Typically, it’s creekers and some river runners that have movable bulkheads. The Recoil is a river-running playboat, and smaller.

Thank you for your info!