Q-boat progress

Spoke with Sea Kayak Georgia, the Q-boat is supposed to be on the August container and then in Georgia first or second week in September…if so then not bad at all, that is close to a 3-3.5 month turn around.

I’ve got to pick up a boat in Connecticut in that time frame as well and Sea Kayak Georgia said it could/would stay wrapped until I got there…am thinking of maybe just waiting until the symposium at the end of October before going down…

Valley Boats
I am waiting for some to show up near me so I can take a look at that Nordkapp LV and I might even take a look at that Q boat again…even if it is ugly.



Caught up…
Sounds like Valley maybe caught up on orders. It was pretty sketchy for a while.

There were two containers for the Northeast last month. The new boats should be making there way around the country.