Q-Boat - Replacing Deck Lines / Bungees

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I am going to work on reconfiguring my bungees, replacing both bungees and deck lines on old Valley Q-Boat a.k.a. Quajariaq a.k.a. Anas Acuta HV


I have recently re-done an old Pintail and liked very much how the spare paddle sits right smack in the middle of the boat:


I think the Q will be a big more challenging. First of all the flared ends and the higher front deck create a bit of a 'bridge' for the spare paddle:


After a brief pondering I came to the conclusion that unless I use a 'split' (thanks Nate) greenland paddle, I will have to live with the 'bridge' look. At this point I have not considered stowing the spare stick on the back deck due to the conflict with the rope skeg. The 'bridge' effect is also occuring on the back deck.

Here is what I am contemplating:
firm: Remove bungees and deck lines
firm: Remove some Valley stickers, buff the deck and the hull.

option: Paint a 'racing stripe' through the middle. Q boat gets no respect so a racing stripe won't bother it much. ;-)

option: Maybe paint a question mark on the boat as a way of saying - hey it's a Q-Boat.

firm: Install new deck lines, install new bungees in a different configuration, add some loop/space for the spare paddle

nice collection of yaks…
buff it out, forget the stripes, use a split spare.


Make yourself a “storm” paddle
It’s the ultimate spare and it will sit on your deck quite comfortably. Also, don’t obsess about having your spare in the center of the boat. All that matters is that you know where it is and that it’s always in the same place, so when you need it, you can always find it.

Good point about the storm paddle
I’ve wanted one for a while.

Spare position
If you store a spare on the center of the front deck, how do you read your compass?

I like the idea of the racing stripe, but I definitely wouldn’t paint it. I think it will look sloppy, will scratch, and won’t be easily undo-able. Instead use vinyl boot stripe tape (available at marine stores, looks like paint, goes on sharp, and comes off when you’re sick of it, or if the next owner thinks you were nuts).

You can also cut a question mark out of this stuff, or order it from a custom boat lettering website (or local sign-making store).


racing stripe

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Racing stripe just hasn't caught up yet in the kayak community 8-)

It's a moot point though. I decided not to do a racing stripe.

if i need
To use the compass i just push the paddle to the side.

If you need to use the compass you need to see it fairly often for a fairly long period of time, otherwise there’s not alot of reason to have it.

Pushing the paddle off to one side frequently for an hour or more will be a least inconvient.

The rope skeg on all the boats I’ve seen is set up towards one side of the back deck, put the spare on the other side.

Bill H.

not like that
The paddle can be shifted esily so hat it stays put on the side. I ment to say. If the type of trip or conditions called for using a compass I would just leave the paddle on the side for as long as necessary. When sitting in the cockpit and changing the position of he paddleblade under the cockpit bungee from the middle.to the.side will do the trick. I just tried it yesterday.

If it moves that easily…
…it will move around when you’re paddling in rough water too, as I’ve said above. Griffin800 is correct, there is no point in carrying the paddle down the center of the deck and I really don’t understand why that’s important to you.

I think you’re trying to create an issue

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I think you're trying to create an issue when there really isn't one.

For starters I'm not hung up on the paddle going through the middle. Actually on the Q-Boat it is not going to be practical anyway. On the other hand I wouldn't mind it being there. The important point is to have some flexibility if one changes their mind. I do believe the flexibility exists whether bungees or deck lines are used. As Brian has said - the deck lines will be stiffer in holding the paddle in place - and I agree.

I currently have regular bungees on my kayak and the paddle sits under the bungees just fine. Moving the paddle 6 inches to the left or to the right to get a better look at the compass should I need it is not a problem at all.

BTW, Brian, yesterday I added those sliders to the Q - Boat. Man, those things work awesome! I did not fully comprehend the tightening effect amplified by the curvature of the deck and it works GREAT!

I am waiting for blue bungees to arrive to be able to finish the rear deck area and the tethers. It will look great. Right now I only have bungees at the front with two wooden balls to ease stowing the paddle but I plan on having some bungees on rear deck to also accommodate for a spare paddle option and to allow holding of small item and perhaps a helmet. I will post pictures once I complete the project.

Not trying to create an issue…

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...just explaining one that I've seen many times first-hand. I've done enough rough water paddling to see how crashing waves rip gear off decks, including paddles. My points are:

- The spare paddle needs to be very secure and bungee alone isn't good enough to do that with a GP. As you've seen, cords and sliders make a night and day difference.

- The compass should always be visible, because you may need it in conditions where moving the paddle around isn't going to be easy or practical.

Since it's a simple matter to set up a boat to avoid these issues, there's no point in not doing so.

and it’s done



I’m curious…
…as to why you crossed the cords on the second set forward of the cockpit? Did you have some specific intent in mind or perceive a benefit from doing so?

I’m not implying that there’s anything wrong with it, I’m just wondering what your rationale is and if it’s something worth considering.

It just sort of worked out this way. It was late at night and I finally got home with the last part of the outfitting (blue bungees) and so I started working on it. As I threaded the cord through it seemed I did not do it exactly as I remembered it from your pictures because the cords were coming up to cross. I did not want to go inside and load up your web pictures. So I thought about what harm it could do, thought that the first level is where the map will be and there I wanted to keep the lines straight. Second level was crossed and I did not see it doing any harm. There might be benefit to this but I do not know it at this point :-). Knowing how easy it is now to do the whole thing I can remove the crossing lines later if I wanted to.