Q: Restoring Prijon T slalom/no gelcoat

Hi, Story: A friend gave me an 80’s vintage Prijon T-Slalom kayak that was constructed with no outer finish that I can see, except for rubbed off paint on the interior. All fixtures are intact but the “hot red-orange” original color has faded… to pink! I’d like to restore the original color or re-paint. Can you advise me, please? I want to keep this kayak :slight_smile:

Hmmm… The only T-slalom kayaks I
ever saw were HTP blow molded plastic. While paint might stick to HTP a tiny bit better than it would on linear polyethelene (the much commoner whitewater kayak plastic), I don’t think it will be worth your spending money and effort on painting.

You might try a gentle surface sanding, followed by use of either 303 or a quality yacht wax. This might make the original color seem to return, somewhat.

Main thing is to enjoy the boat. It was one of the better “old school” kayaks.

Let’s bump this up, because the kayak
is kind of a classic, and the topic of painting plastic boats usually draws some interest.

While we’re waiting, check out a not-so-visible part of the boat and, if you have some ordinary car wax around, try rubbing a small patch of the hull firmly. There is some rubbing compound in many car waxes, so it will help you find out whether the chalky pink surface can be scrubbed and waxed off.

a friend has one
great old boat.

hardly a whitewater boat any more as it is LLLOOONNNGGG. What a lot of fun in the pool.

just enjoy it Prijon makes some tough boats.

we used it to practice some sea kayak techniques.

"Hardly a whitewater boat anymore
because it’s long ". Are you from outer space? What about length disqualifies any boat for whitewater? There are specific reasons why whitewater boats have gotten short, but they have little to do with running big water upright.

The photo: 2nd from left= color I have
Q: Is there a place where I can order new logos, too? Hi there, thanks for all the good advice. I’ll try the wax & compound suggestion first to see if I can restore the color easily and move to the light sanding idea next. In the submitted photo link, the one I have is a faded version of the T-Slalom; second in from the left. Many thanks for your good humor in your replies. ROFL!

You can try to get replacements from Prijon. Usually this has to be done thru a dealer, most manufacturers won’t respond directly to the customer, nor do they have a way to sell direct. Boats are sold wholesale, they have a wholesale license not a resale license.

Bill H.