Q700X on the way!

I just wanted to thank everyone for sharing their inputs, experiences, advice and opinions. I must say that at times I was a bit confused by some of it but it worked out in the end. :slight_smile:

As of right now my color choice is pending the arrival of some swatches. Idealy the hull will be white with black trim and the deck color orange. (just drawn to it for some reason) Second choice of deck color is yellow and third is blue. I just hope I like the orange swatch.

The only change I made to the boat was to have the rudder moved up higher. I discussed a couple other adjustments such as tilting the rear bulkhead toward the seat for easier water removal but Phil explained that with design of bulkhead it wouldn’t work. He would redesign a new bulkhead at a substantial cost so I decided against it. As for the rudder I decided on the standard set up to see how I like it. In the future I may go with Patrick’s set up but for now money is tight.

So this is part where I have sleepless nights in anticipation of my new toy right?

Orange deck sounds like a winner.
Maybe with a purple tape seam. And if you’re not set on white hull, consider robins egg blue.

–signed, Jethro Bodine.

You’re going to love it!


I’m installing Patrick’s gas pedal
in my 700 Q boat this weekend. I still have about 8 weeks till I can find any open water around here in northern Wisconsin though. I’ll give you some feed back when I finally get on the water.

Paul (agongos)

Sleepless Nights
Congratulations on the new ride. I bet it will be tough to fall asleep. Funny how adults are often no different than children in that respect. The first boat is the worst, when it comes to anticipation. On subsequent boats, the waiting isn’t so bad.

Thanks Franklin! I think it will be worth every penny.

Looking forward to hearing on how you like the pedals. Patrick was saying how they are much more ergonomic/comfortable in a seated position. Makes perfect sence to me. :slight_smile: After I get some seat time I will nit pick things and customize the boat to my liking.

Purple tape and robins egg blue! OMG! (slaps self on head) That may look cool on someone elses boat but not mine. LOL :slight_smile:

Is it here yet??? :slight_smile:


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hi rc ..is Q gonna throw in a pr. of wrap-around sunglasses for ya//that orange is gonna be bright in the sunlight. I'd hit them up for a complimentary pair...lol have fun enjoy it

I will be sure to ask… lol

Congrats !
Mine is getting used so much that there are bits of sea weed growing out of all the nooks and crannies, and I usually have to remove a live shrimp or two at days end.



And Another…
Congratulations! on both your boat and paddle decisions. As the Heinz ketchup commercial said: ‘An-ti-ci-pay-yay-shun…it’s making me wait…’ The expectant father…

Jack, when you get enough shrimp for a cocktail, could you mail them to me? Water temps here are in the thirties, but still our surf skis see action. I’m envious of warmer climes. :wink:

Orange & Purple!!! what are you a Clemson fan?

You too will be assimilated!! Welcome to the QCC collective!!

Orange should be OK
I have a yellow over white 500, and the glare from the deck is not excessive (and I have sensitive eyes). Orange will reflect less.

I can see why Phil had to discourage you regarding the angled bulkhead. QCC’s bulkheads are poinjts of pride for them - covered in their lifetime warranty against leakage or separation. They are glued in with Plexus adhesive using the flanges of the design, and I believe that an angled bulkhead would have to be glassed in place.

Waiting is the hardest part.


The next hardest part will be getting
over the first scratch.

Sunny day will make my Q700X shine …
… maybe a bit too much. I just got a really sweet, barely-used Q700X – it’s white on white with white trim. Arctic camouflage! I am planning a trip to BC and Alaska with it this summer but I won’t be THAT far north :slight_smile:

Time for me to invest further in sun block and what great reason to get some really nice new polarized sunglasses.

Enjoy the speed and the great performance design in general!

Be careful with the outer edges of the hatches as they can chip easy against the inside flange! Congrats.