Q700X Pictures, Send them if you got em

This is the purple:


(Shots #60-#64)

Dark Colors and Scratches
You may want to consider that a dark color deck will show scratches more easily than a lighter one. You can do stuff like cover it with an auto finish film or something as simple as contact paper where spare paddles or other gear go, but eventually it’ll get some scratches no matter what you do.

Smaller scratches can be polished out, but what you are essentially doing is removing small amounts of gel coat from the deck. Over time you may want the scratched up gel coat more than the unscratched finish.

A lighter color that shows the scratches less makes all of the other things easier to manage because it doesn’t bother you as much.

HUKI.com for a nice color thing …
doesn’t Seaward have a similar one ?

Fun to play with.

Please consider alternative colors @ even if you don’t buy. Ex.

White hull, black deck and red seam + handmade teak fittings.

Lime green, robins egg, sky blue, sea foam green … all look stunning on the water and beyond the ubiquitous Red or Yello.

IMO just

I went with the deep garnet… I think it will look nice. I could always get my airbrush out later and put some flames on it. :slight_smile:


Give me a call I am at work now…

Paddled by Stormtrooper?
My Arctic Camouflage Q700X is white on white with white trim – very modern, sleek, and clean looking. Sunscreen-purchase-increasing color, but it looks a bit low-profile compared to most and won’t show scratches much at all.

I’m trying to sell it, and I hope my asking price is attractive because it’s not quite as gorgeous as my Q600X keeper (I weigh 160) in red/ maroon trim/ white, or that sweet purple 700.

Some day I WILL have a purple kayak!

is the color of royalty, and well, er…never mind. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that…) :wink:

Funny, I remember I had settled on the blue over white, assisted by one of my students at indoor recess. We had a great time trying different color combos on the QCC site. My wife, a graphic designer, happened to see me trying more combinations, and suggested the purple/cream. On impulse, I called and placed the order with Phil. When it arrived, it was striking. There were a few mornings though, when I’d see it up on the car and think: “What did I do?”

As Pat noted, if you want a fun time with color, go on the Huki design tool link on the site. I won’t share how long I spent with that one…