Q700X Pictures, Send them if you got em

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Hey All!

If you own a Q700X I would like to see some pictures of it. Details would be great. That will give me color ideas and help with the wait. :-) Please e-mail them to me. Thanks!

Forgot this:

Besides, you all know you want to show off your pride and joy… :slight_smile:

Google has a few pics


Here ya go…




The color on that yak is Deep Garnet?

Maybe Deep Garnet
I got the color samples from Phil today and thought the orange was a bit to light for my liking. I may just go with the deep garnet. I know a darker color will show scratches easier but the hull will be white. A darker will get hotter in the sun than a lighter color but it would also be fairly unique. It seems everyone has a red, blue, yellow or orange yak. This may stand out a bit. Its a tuff decision. sigh

Choose a color you like
Unless you are paddling big water AND think that your safety is somehow tied to the color of your vessel as opposed to your own common sense, choose a color that makes you happy. My Q-ship is Deep Garnet too and although scratches are more evident, she brings a smile to my face everytime I see her, “scars” and all. I still get compliments all the time. It is not a common color for a kayak and QCC ensures you start out with a beautiful glossy gel-coat (it’s up to you after that). Don’t forget we paddle for pleasure and if Garnet makes you happy, isn’t that what it’s all about really?


If it had a day hatch I too would buy one !!

Yes Deep Garnet

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I like maroon & grey as colors,and that is what I got. Yes it showed scratches,and was hotter then a lighter color,but that paid off when I used it in the winter. Had a yellow & white QCC 500 and power boats were still a problem. If you flip over the white hull would shine to be spotted if in need of rescue. Haven't ever paddled in red water not to be seen. I know a lot of 700 owners,and wanted a different color then theirs too.{mostly yellows & blues}

Sadly I don't have the boat anymore. Back issues forced me out of it ,and into canoes.I did love that boat.


Yeah that is a nice color…
It is hard to tell from the pictures but it looks like a burgandy… I think that would look great with black accents… :slight_smile:

You say potahto, I say potayto. Looks Burgandy to you because it is. Looks Maroon to me, because it is. Looks Deep Garnet to QCC becasue that is the marketing term they prefer. Beauty (and hue) are in the eye of the beholder. P.S. Black trim does work nicely with this color. Go for it!

Sorry to put bunions in your bacon bits

Just wanted to make sure
it didn’t look like purple that’s why I was asking. I would be in shock when I opened it up and was leaning towards purple. :open_mouth:

Two other options
An underdeck bag or put in a knee tube with small hatch up front.

If it gets too rough to access stuff in one of these - you ain’t gettin’ into an aft day hatch and diggin’ 'round either.

Hey Kids! Looks pretty purple to me!

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Maybe not Royal Purple like the "Purple" they show, but more of a "Barney" Purple...

Set the QCC color selector to Deep Garnet for deck and trim, with a green hull and compare to this:


For the lazy folks, a side-by-side already done:


Not fair to add the green? OK with Garnet deck, Black trim, and White hull it's still a perfect match for Barney's head:


He ain't called the "Maroon Dinosaur" or the "Burgundy Dinosaur" now is he?

LOL :slight_smile:

Ok here go!

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Go to this web site and scroll down to the QCC yaks. From the pictures of their line up I would say that the Q300 would be done in Deep Garnet. Doesn't resemble the monster. :-)

Look at that picture direct from QCC

Looks red to me (flip through the other 300s images), albeit a bit dark (indoor shots?). Imagine it in full sun…

Never trust web images for actual colors. People taking and posting them are often not color correcting/matching/calibrating, resizing and otherwise modifying and reposting elsewhere exacerbates this. Even if they did have them right they’d have no way to calibrate YOUR monitors to ensure accurate display. Just differences in brightness make for huge shifts.

You could take a risk and have them mix Red and Garnet and make up your own name for it.

Yeah I am going to
ask Phil directly. That would be cool, mixing the colors. Wouldn’t be very easy to repair though…

Matching any color repair…
… with a stock color ain’t often perfect either. Typically you’re putting new gelcoat on older weathered gelcoat, batches vary, etc.

With a 50/50 mix doing same later should give about same level of match as a solid.

Deck repairs are also less common than hull. Another of several reasons you see so many white hulls - though few are the same white, and repairs often aren’t perfect matches there either - close enough mostly.