Last night a paddler showed up with an Island Qaarsut. Very beautiful boat. Looked like a very close sibling to an Anas Acuta (which from descriptions it is).

This particular boat apparently belonged to Steve Maynard who hadn’t gotten around to using it. The paddler had demoed one at the Champlain BCU week and had been persuing buying one since that time.

Beautifully made boat. Pretty light too. It was her first time paddling it so I didn’t get a chance to try it. Next time.

Island Qaarsut paddled
Tonight Julie offered her Qaarsut to me knowing I was hungering to try the boat.

What a fun boat! Quick, responsive, active hull, loves being on its side, effortless to roll and balance (static) brace.

Nice low decks and snug cockpit (for me at 6’, 170 lbs). Plenty of leg room. I’m probably near the upper limit in weight and think the rear deck would be awash if I were to paddle this boat with any amount of gear stowed.

The Qaarsut has just surplanted the Nordkapp LV at the top of my next day/play boat list. It could be a very effectivwe ‘rolling boat’ for the average size paddler.

Island Qaarsut information

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The Qaarsut is a Greenland style boat which traces its ancestry back to Ken Taylors original Kayak which he brought to the UK from Greenland in the 1950’s. The hull is pure Greenland but the deck shares many common features with the highly thought of Island Kayaks Expedition. The overall length is 5.05 m. (16ft 7.5 inches) and the beam 53 cm. (20 and 7/8 inches).

It has no skeg. There is a slight downturn in the keeline just before it turns up and leaves the water for the stern. This is a feature that many original Greenland kayaks had which has been taken away from modern composite boats. The lack of skeg box allows easy storage in the stern compartment and a maintenance free time whilst paddling.

At around 19Kg. (42lbs.) it is no heavyweight either

Since there are only 11 Qaarsuts in the USA plus 1 demo and 14 in the UK and a few prototypes knocking round here and there, it isn’t surprising this message didn’t get responses. Island Kayaks is coming out with an 18’ Qaarsut and a retractable skeg in the 16 1/2’ model I am paddling, a shorter Expedition to add to the 18’ Expedition, the Expedition LV and the 14’ Newt. Sea Kayak Georgia is the exclusive dealer for these boats in the US.

I am very pleased with my Qaarsut!