Qajac TC - Michigan Training Camp, August 18-21

Hello fellow kayakers and rollers,

Just a quick heads up that registration is open for Qajaq TC - Michigan Training Camp and there are still spots open. The dates for this year’s camp are August 18-21 and all skill levels are welcome.

Qajaq TC (Training Camp) is an Official Qajaq USA event. It takes place at Camp Lookout, near Frankfort, Michigan. There is no road access to the camp. Our only access is by kayak or pontoon boat, making this a true full-immersion Traditional Greenland Kayaking event. With only around sixty attendees and a very high mentor-to-student ratio, instruction is flexible and focused on helping everyone succeed, whether you have never been in a kayak before, or have decades of experience.

Here’s the link to the website –


UPDATE - there are still spots open

In addition to rolling and ropes gymnastics, there are classes on strokes, harpoon making and throwing, yoga and stretching for strength and fitness. A short paddle down the lake leads to a short beach crossing to Lake Michigan. In recent years with the high water levels, you can simply paddle through a narrow cut through the beach into Lake Michigan. If conditions are right, you can have a pleasant paddle on flat waters or do some surfing, so bring a helmet.

Registration includes accommodations (tent camping or rustic cabins), meals, instruction, and access to toilet and shower facilities.

Dubside will be one the featured mentors. Dubside has competed and won the Greenland National Kayaking Championships several times. He travels internationally teaching rolling and ropes gymnastics. Other mentors include Tim Gallaway, Henry Davies, Pete Kuhn, Doug Van Doren and Renee Dufresne among others.

Again, if you’ve never been in a kayak, don’t know how to roll, have a roll or you’re practicing the straight jacket roll for the next Greenland National Kayaking Championship, this is the event for you.

Hope to see you there!


I’m registered and will be there.

This is HIGHLY recommended. top mentors, a great venue and really great company.

I’m signed up too and am really looking forward to it after missing it for several years. Perfect venue, with a shallow sandy-bottomed lake with a dock on one side of the campground peninsula and Lake Michigan on the other side. Coaching, camaraderie and food were all first rate.

Great! Looking forward to seeing you then!

Outstanding! Yes, we’re all very excited to get back to camp after missing it the last two years due to Covid. There’s a great coaching line up again this year. This is one of the few camps/symposiums that I can go to, roll and paddle like crazy, but actually gain weight due to the great food.

See you then!

Yes, the food was outstanding (I hope they have the same chef, the paddling outfitter/caterer). I think I gained a couple of pounds too!

I have cousins throughout Michigan, so I am bracketing the trip with visits to them before and after. I signed up to get there early on Thursday to help with wrangling the parking lot shuffle.

Alas Michael is guiding an Isle Royale trip at the same time as Qajaq TC.

What meals are provided?

QajaqTC provides all meals, beginning with dinner on Thursday and concluding with lunch on Sunday. Our beloved chef, Michael Gray, is not available this year, so food service will be provided by Camp Lookout. Meals will be served family-style and consist of nutritious, fresh food (think oatmeal, granola, yogurt, veggie and hummus wraps, soups, etc.). Omnivores/vegetarians/vegans will all find something tasty. If you have special dietary needs, please specify on your registration form.}

I do get to enjoy his cooking though as I’m going on his July Isle Royal trip.

I’m so excited that QajaqTC is back this year after a break from COVID! The structure of the event makes it my absolute favorite. Paddling to camp and staying in a cabin on the isthmus between the warm inland lake and stunning Lake Michigan provides for the best atmosphere and paddling/rolling opportunities! Plus there are endless opportunities to enjoy new friends having coffee on the dining hall porch overlooking the lake or enjoying conversation around the campfire. I’m excited as always to practice ropes with Dubside and laugh until my stomach hurts at Saturday night’s activities. I’m not sure if I’ll be making a harpoon, but I’ve always wanted one, so something I’m still thinking about… I’ll see you all there!

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@willowleaf - thank you very much for assisting with the parking lot tetris!

@rival51 - we may be on the same Isle Royale trip w/Michael. We’re signed up for the July 15-22 trip. This will be our first trip to Isle Royale and can’t wait!

@dsteffey - can’t wait to get back to camp and see all the old friends and make new friends. It’s great working with the mentors, learning new rolls and skills while trying to perfect existing ones.

See everyone there!

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I figured I would need to get there early as possible since I am traveling from Pennsylvania this time in my camper which is a 24’ long converted Penske box truck (the kayaks fit inside). So I will contribute the largest Tetris block to begin with. But this also means I will have a comfortable place to hang out (bathroom and fridge for snacks and drinks on board) in the parking lot as I wait for folks to trickle in.

You guys are killing me! The Hudson Valley Greenland Festival was just canceled. I’ve been trying to go since Covid…

Road trip?

I wish. It’s a bit too far. But it sounds like a blast. Maayyybe Delmarva. Anyone ever been there?