Qajaq TC

There is still room at Qajaq TC (Michigan Training Camp) on August 23-26. For those who haven’t heard of it, this is a traditional Greenland style kayak symposium that takes place south of Frankfort, MI. It’s a short paddle into camp and we spend the week end working on rolling, strokes, rescues, harpoon throwing and racing in the warm waters of Lower Herring Lake as well as playing in the cooler waters of Lake Michigan. We also play with Greenland rope gymnastics and will have a spirited competition between teams who will build skin on frame kayaks with materials on hand and race them the next day. Registration includes all instruction Friday, Saturday and Sunday, all lodging and meals and more fun than you’ve had in a long time. Join us! Information and registration here:

(You can also find us on Facebook.)

Sharon B.

Anyone interested in the use of a Greenland Paddle should consider this gathering. Well worth the time. Plenty of paddles to try and you don’t need to own one in order to participate, there are lenders available. And lender Tuiliks and lender harpoons. Even some lender skin kayaks all from the Qajaq USA fleet and supplies.

People have also been known to bring adult beverages to enjoy around the evening campfire. Adult summer camp.

Or around the wood fired hot tub…
The food, company and venue is top notch – one of my favorite events.

I’ve been debating whether to register or not. Went last year for the first time but found going solo kind of a struggle (long lonesome drive from home) and can’t find anyone so far who wants to join me for the trip or would be comfortable with the rough accommodations (though if I go this year I plan to tent camp if there is room left). Maybe I should post on the “getting together” forum and see if I can find a compatible road buddy.

The food and seminars were outstanding, met some great folks, admired some wonderful qajaqs and the location is perfect for hands-on instruction. Kudos to the organizers and teachers for producing such a comprehensive event!

Was a little put off by the focus on drinking amongst some of the regulars (there was even an “official” liquor tasting booth which seemed out of synch with the themes and flavor of a wilderness sports and education event, but that’s just me.)