Anyone got a picture or know more than “This is a performance kayak designed for the smaller paddler - 90-150 lbs.” from their newsletter?

Nope they sent me a letter a few days ago but it did not have a picture. I would like to see one though, even though i’m way to heavy for it…


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I think that's the one Nanci Lamare has (it didn't have a name) roaming around Florida right now. 1st one and designed for her. It's about 15'6" and she has it going faster than her 600.
try this..

now that’s good to hear
this pretty much round out their line for small,medium and large for “fast,efficient, touring sea kayak”

I believe Nanci has one … 15’3"
X 22 inches still … glad they went this way.

Zero competition for Mermaid now.

Make that back deck nice and low on my Mermaid… and while I’m boldly asking for stuff… fix that keyhole for some long legs, too. Please.

Less than 6" inside coaming height.
Leg pumping room for up to about 5’ 10"