QCC 300s kayak info

Does anyone have this kayak and how do you like or dislike it? IS there any available for sale new or used? The company has discontinued it .

I never heard of a 300 .
10, 400,500, 600 and 700 but no 300

Jack L

Me either and I googled it with no results

The 300 was on their website before the merger with Wenonah. It was smaller than the 400, but I don’t remember the dimensions.

You can google with “Q300S kayak”. There are a couple of reviews on paddling.com, but not that informative. As best I can determine, it’s 13 feet long and used a bit for rock gardening.

Yes, that is correct. Its 13ft and 24.5" wide and 13" deep. with a 16x 30 cockpit opening.