QCC 400 or 10X

I need some advice-- I’ve been paddling a pongo, and want to move up to a lighter, narrower, faster boat. I am 5’6", 123, female, and strong for my weight and age. According to the dimensions, I fit the 10x better, but I like to wiggle around some, especially on long paddles. I mainly paddle flat water, but would like to try some sea kayaking this summer. Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated.



Depends on your goals
They are very different boats. The 400 is wider and more of a general purpose boat for smaller people who do not anticipate paddling in more difficult conditions or who will only paddle flat water but want a comfortable and stable boat. The 10X is a real sea kayak. It is narrower and faster and handles very differently. So if your goals are to move from quiet water to touring when you expect moderate (or harder) conditions go for the 10X.

Beg to differ
I agree that the 10X is the better choice for the OP based on size and goals, but not for the reasons stated. I have a Q400S, and don’t agree with the description at all. I’m 5’9", around 200 and the boat is roomy - it is not for small people, and would be very large on the OP. It is a perfectly capable sea kayak and handles confused conditions well. Yes, it is comfortable and stable, but it is not a flat-water boat.

I’m 5’6" , 155 lbs and own a 400X
and I find the 400X a wee bit too loose in the cockpit. Until I added some pool noodles along the sides to keep my knees from flopping around when trying to edge the boat aggressively, my knees flopped around. Now it’s not too bad. There is too much room in the cockpit for my liking, but my wife who is 5’2" and lighter likes the roomy cockpit because of it’s roominess because she is a bit stiff and it’s relatively easy for her to get into. She doesn’t try any aggressive maneuvers, so the loose fit is desirable for her.

I’ve never paddled the 10X, but would like to try to fit into one and try it out.

The 600X would probably be a better choice for you than the 400X, but you’d have to try them out to know for sure.

Call the people at QCC, they’ll answer all your questions and steer you right.

Call Steve at QCC
I’m 5’6" 170 and I paddle a 400x. I have used the boat from the Adirondacks to the Atlantic in a variety of conditions including a 3’ swell and have experienced a 3’ wake breaking just short of the cockpit without a spray skirt on. The boat is essentially a short sea kayak that can keep up with the longer 16-18’ footers. While not as playful as other boats I feel this boat works best with a rudder. Would I buy it again? Yes. Based on your dimensions your probably a better candidate for the Q10x. I do know one woman who has one and she loves it.

Touch choice !

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Where are you located ?
If you could demo one or the other or both it might help.
We are a QCC family having owned 700's, 600's and the 10X.
My wife was in on the design of the 10x and had the first one made and is now on her second one.
She is 5'-2" and 122 pounds, and has tried a zillion kayaks, but wouldn't have any thing else but the 10_X
It is probably the fastest sea kayak for it's length and style, and she has paddled in rough conditions on many occasions and loves the way it responds.
The 10 has a small cockpit, but I, (5-8" -155 pounds) can fit in it, and actually enjoy paddling it, although I would never give up my 700.

I cannot speak about the 400 since I have never been in one, so I can't recommend between the two of them.

Hopefully someone with a 400 will come in with their comments on it.

Lastly: don't rule out a 600. I think your choice should be between a 10 and a 600

Jack L

I agree with Jack on all his points. My wife owns the 10 and I have paddled it myself. I am 5’10" and 180. I fit much better than I thought I would. At your size I think you will be surprised at how much room you have. Even with the thigh braces I believe you will have plenty of wiggle room. If you are near Atlanta let me know and you can demo ours.


Sizing for women

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I am a couple of inches shorter than you but have you slightly beat on weight. I'll tell you the same thing that the folks at QCC likely will - if you want to try your hand at sea kayaking or bigger conditions, you need a boat that fits you well enough to give you good control surfaces. The 400 ain't it. You'll be swimming and it'll be an impediment to your doing what you want down the road.

Coming from a Pungo, you wouldn't have gotten a sense of how to control a boat with your lower body. Between their massive primary stability and sheer size, it's just not what they are about. But if your goals are faster, and/or sea kayaking, a boat like the 10X will give you back plenty in exchange for learning to be comfortable in a bit more wiggly boat. Ignore it - unless you are getting into racing craft, that changes very quickly.

(And as mentioned by Lee above, any unneeded freeboard turns a nice paddle into a nasty trudge in higher winds.)

I’m similar to your size and the QCC400 is a fine handling stable and roomy boat. For the op it would be like a longer, faster Pungo but not exactly the boat I’d pick for her going into high winds.

you might also consider
a CD Vision 120 or 130. The 130 will be lower displacement than the 400

Agree With JackL

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We have a 400 and a 700 in the family. At 5 ft 7 in and 210 lbs the 400's cockpit is way roomy for me.

The 400 is a nice boat and I do like how it paddles. And a smaller person like yourself might find the 400 to be too big a boat.

Rebecca chose a 400; and it's been a good fit for where and how she likes to paddle.

You might consider a 600 vs a 10, instead of a 400 vs a 10.


Epic GPX or 16X
A nice plumb bow kayak for getting some distance in


qcc 400 vs 10xx
thanks to all who responded! I’ve just found some people here ( in CT) with a 10X and a 400, so I will get a chance to paddle them this spring, then I’ll decide. thanks, again, and happy holidays to all.