QCC 400X edging made easier

by using 4" diameter solid pool noodles tucked in alongside the seat hangers and extending just past my knees to keep my lower leg from flopping over toward the side of the kayak when I edge. Now I have a brace for better control and less effort.

During transport, the noodles, which fit fairly snugly between teh seat hanger and side of the hull, can be slid back until up against the rear bulkhead and don’t need to be removed from the boat. They’re about 30" long, but I didn’t actually measure them today. They were left over from a previous project.

The 400X cockpit now feels more intimate for this 5’6" 155 lb paddler, who this boat is really too large for. I also use a 1" thick closed cell camoflage hunter’s seat cusion to raise me up a little.

Edging is now easier for me to control now in this boat.

Some day I’ll have a 45 lb or less boat that fits me better and is a little more nimble, but until I can afford that, I’ll try to outfit the 400X as well as I can to meet my needs. My wife also paddles this boat.

Happy paddling.

If you ever get a chance:
try the 10X.

My wife has one, and I at 160 pounds and 5’-8" love it.



Yanoer- you are such an analyst.
I bet you were the best frog dissector in high school.

it’s a big boat
and those seats are less than ideal. Other than that it’s a good hull shape.

I’d love to try a 600X and 10X.
None around here to try, though. I’m curious about whether they maneuver on edge more quickly than the 400X.

I ate them
before the dissection was complete :slight_smile:

None of them maneuver on edge!
it is the paddler that maneuvers a kayak on edge.

We have three of them, (700,600 and 10) and they all act the same, and I have paddled a 400 and liken it to the others.



With or without a block of cheese?

Thanks for that feedback, JackL.

With cheese, of course.