QCC 600 in Ontario

Hi all:

I abought a QCC 700 and I found it uncomfortable for me. I took the thigh brace option. It is more like a knee brace. My knees are uncomfortably angled too much towards the outside. Unfortunately, my 51 tear old runner’s knees cannot take this. So I will be returning the boat. I am trying to determine whether the 600 would have the same issue. Is there hope that the trim of the seat will cause the thigh brace to be closer to my thighs. Is there anyone in Toronto or Ontario with a QCC 600 who would allow me to at least sit in it and possibly test paddle it. I wouldn’t want to put myself in the sutuation where I exchange the 700 for a 600 and then I still have to return the 600 for the same exact reason. I understand that QCC has this 30-day return policy but I wouldn’t want to abuse of it and return two boats instead of only one. Any feedback will be appreaciated.

They are the same boat…
except one is shy of eighteen feet and the other seventeen. Both great boat. Franklin

Custom thigh braces

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The ones that come in my 700 did little to actually help my thighs, they just gave some extra combing to press my legs into on occasion.

I had the same knee ache from my first time paddling, I adjusted my seat position and leg bracing and it all went away the next time I went out.

Now I plan on putting some good custom thigh braces as per this website. I also adjusted my sitting position per that site as well. I'd try that out as opposed to switching.


I also plan to cut the back off of the seat and put a seperate back brace in, I dont like seats (in general) being connected directly to a back rest, causes me to slide forward and lean back.

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OH! and you can test it out, take some towels with you next time and put em up like a make shift thigh brace, it should give you a good indication if that'll solve your problem.

Stock seat
I say ditch that seat pad backrest combo at first option. OK for a lazy day poke around pond boat - not a touring/sea kayak. I went to an IR Reggie backband and sit on the bare seatpan and have been very happy.

I don’t have anything to offer the original poster as I’m not really sure I understand the problem unless this is a first kayak?

I agree some adjustment to foot position and posture should eliminate the issue as I understand it. I added about a 1/2" of padding under my braces - and my thighs are still just clear of so I have room to move unless I lock in to brace/roll. A slight flex of foot/leg and I’m solid - otherwise I can move and pump legs to paddle. There is a slight bowlegged component to the seated position - but I can either just keep knees together more or for lazier paddling I could pad the sides of the cockpit. Thought about this, but haven’t really found a need.

600 and 700 are not the same boat. Same beam, but cockpit inside the 600 is a bit smaller. Probably would not make enough difference. ALL QCCs have the same coaming (with or without the added braces).

You Gotta Have QCC?
I’m comfortable in my WS Tempest for hours at a time.

Briefly owned a QCC 600 which I found really uncomfortable. It also began to have numerous soft spots in the laminate so they graciously took it back. The Viking (Kajaksport) is a very comfortable boat for me as is the Impex Currituck. All personal preference.


How are they different?
Don’t they both have a 16" by 30" opening, a 21" beam, 12.5" height at the front of the cockpit, 10.5" at the rear and use the same seat and back band? I paddled a 600 last weekend. If the seating area was different I couldn’t tell. The seat has always put my feet to sleep and I tore my seat out and now seat on a piece of foam. I think I may order ONNO’s seat and try that. Maybe Jbim’s knees will get used to that position, I don’t know, but I hope he is able to find a boat that makes him comfortable. Paddling is too much fun to miss out on just because you are uncomfortable. Like Kudzu said, there are lots of other boats to try, good boats. Find a local kayak shop. I’m sure they will be happy to let you demo all the boats you want. You will find one that you like and feel comfortable in. Good luck Franklin

Thank you
… for your feedback. I see three basic thoughts:

  1. The 600 and 700 have basically same cockpit and coaming. Thus I could have same issue with 600

  2. I could be able to trim them to make them comfortable, padding, moving seat, etc

  3. There are so many other boats out there that I will certainly find one that will fit me well

Q600 vs Q700
Although the dimensions of the cockpit opening are the same on the 600 and 700, the cockpit feel and thigh bracing on the two boats is very different. The 600 deck is more peaked (with steeply sloping sides). This results in a snugger fit with the knees forced into a lower position in order to get under the deck and thigh braces. The 700 deck is more ovalled – with the depth at the sides (where your knees / thighs go) being nearly that of the center of the deck. For this reason, the 700 is more suited to larger paddlers and those who prefer a less snug fit for knees / thighs.

Padding out the 700 with additional foam in the area of the thighs and knees may give the cockpit an improved feel. Also doing stretching /flexibility excercises and spending more time in the boat might help. So you might work with it a bit – but ultimately don’t settle for anything that is going to be less than comfortable.

How tall are you? My guess is that if you are 5’10" or over the Q600 will work less well, given your balky runners knees.

I’m 5’10’'
I ended up test paddling the CD Soltice GTS, CD Caribou and Boreal Ellesmere. As far as the fit is concerned, there was not contest. The Ellesmere was magical. The Caribou is a bit faster. The Solstice felt like a barge, way too stiff. I am picking up my ellesmere in a few days. Hey.