QCC 600 or 700

First my size, 5’8" and between 170 and 180 lbs depending on the season (fat in winter). I’ve paddled a plastic Perception Shadow for 3 years. After paddling (and loading) my wife’s CD Gulfstream I wanted a composite (and lighter) boat.

I love an efficient design but won’t be racing. My question is at my weight would I be better off with the 700 or is the 600 ok for me? 95% of my paddling is day trips.

QCC has a questionaire
on their website. Just enter your specifics and it will tell you which boats are best for you.

Your Option
I have one of both and both seem good fits for me. I am 6’ and about 185. I don’t notice an appreciable differance in speed between the boats. The 600 seems a bit more responsive. The cockpits and controls are identical.

I usually paddle the 700 just because.

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It’s slightly more stable because of the extra length.

Coaming is identical but interior space is a little different.

The rear deck is flat with paddle park - not arched like 600’s - and a little lower. QCC should update the 600 deck to match.

It may have 7" more on each end (mine measures 17’ 10" - not 18’) - but it feels small on the water. Maneuverability maybe be less than a 600, but is really good for a both with 17.5’ waterline. More rocker than it looks like. Very good if you edge/lean for effect (wet coaming). Stopped you can spin it with 3-4 sweeps. How much more maneuverability do you need? I can’t comment on the rudder - I’m one of the few who has the skeg. which is great since I modified the control.

Plus - 700 is 100 more than 600! What more do you need to know?

Get a 700
I am 5’-9" and 162 and have a 700.

My wife has a 600 so I have paddled hers also.

I think you would do much better in a 700.

I disagree with Grayak when he says the 700 is more stable than the 600.

I find no difference in the stability between the two.



JackL - Add 40 lbs…
…then you’d feel it. At your weight I’d imagine there is no difference. Maybe stable isn’t the word either. The 700 just feels smoother.

QCC 700
At 5’9" 175 I love my QCC 700. Bought it last winter because of all the great things I read on paddling.net

I vote for the 700.

Let us know which way you go.

If It Was Me
The 600. At the windy outer banks, I want me and the boat to be low in the water.

I swapped a Tempest 170 for a lower volume 165 and have never regretted it. The 165 handles much better for me in the wind.

600 with skeg
These are high volume boats with lots of surface area in the wind. Since you’re mostly day tripping without big loads, the 600 will be more controllable and manueverable. As for speed, the extra 15" of the 700 will get you maybe 0.2 mph more, but will only start showing at speeds over 5 mph. If you want to race, maybe the 700 with rudder.

I have a Q700, which unfortunately I’m going to have to sell soon I think due to upcoming serious back surgery from a work accident - a lot will depend on the surgery outcome as to whether or not I can continue paddling. Both my wife (5’4", 145#) and myself (5’11", 165#) have both paddled this boat and we love it. She recently purchased a new Q500, which she’ll keep, otherwise she’d have been “very” happy with the Q700.

We both found it responsive and super-fast, one of ‘the’ fastest boats we’ve paddled other than ICF sprint boats. Pickup is quick and it handles like a dream in all waters from flat lakes to the normal 4’ ocean swells we encounter when we take them down to our shore home. We had tried the Q500, Q600 and the Q700 on the same day very early this spring before deciding on which one to get (first).

Hey Obx…
If I have a few more weeks I can give you a better evaluation betweeen 600/700. I am your size. Last summer I bought a used 600 (my first SINK)& put around 1400 miles on it in 9 months. That includes alot of weekend camping trips along with a WaterTribe Challenge from Tampa Bay to Key Largo (300 miles in less than 6 days). At the time I bought the 600 I was living in a community where outside side storage of any type was against the rules. So a 700 would not fit inside my house without bending it in two, so I bought a 600 so it would fit inside my place.

I have to tell you that my point of reference is 1400 miles in a 600 & 60 miles in my new 700.

I found the 600 to be a yak that met all the expectations that I had. I’ve found it to be fast day yak and a great gear hauler. On my 5-6 day trip to Key Largo I was packed to the gills & still had room for more. It may not be important for you, but I found that I could cruise at 5.2-5.4mph (I know it should be knots) for as long as I needed to, meaning 3-5 hours (or more) if I kept my focus on what I was doing.

So why did I buy a 700? For a little bit more waterline (and hopefully more speed) maybe.2-.4. I wasn’t sure from your post if you were looking a buying new or used, I’ve done both, but if I was to buy one or the other, I’d get the 700.

Thanks …
for all the responses. I had become convinced that the 600 was right for me and called up QCC to talk to them. Phil strongly recommended the 700. My thought was at the pace I usually paddle the lower wetted surface area of the 600 would outweigh the advantage of the lwl of the 700. The other kayak I’m looking at is Eddyline’s Nighthawk and the 600 would seem at least as capable of carrying my weight as it particularly since I rarely carry more than 10 lbs of stuff with me…

700 trumps the 600 – for me at least.
I’m 5’11, 170 lbs and own both boats. The 600 is more compact and easier to get down to the water. And it does perform a bit better (for someone our weight) when paddling unloaded on a windy day. The 700 is faster, sexier.

No one has mentioned yet is that the 700 provides more thigh room due to a boxier (less peaked) deck in front of the cockpit. The 600 will work well for you if you like a snug fit. For a little more clearance and ability to shift knees and legs, the 700 is a better choice.