QCC 600 questions and care

I own a QCC 600 carbon/kevlar boat, and would like to know how to care for it. I’ve read a number of different message threads, and the advice seems to depend on whether or not the boat has a clear or gel coat.

How do I know? I’ve had my boat for about 6 years, so I don’t know if that matters in what kind of coat it has. And then if someone doesn’t mind restating how to best clean and polish (I already use a good car cleaning solution). Thanks.

I have a carbon/ Kevlar 700x that I bought about 5 years ago, right before Steve sold the operation to Wenona. I have always just used a good quality car wash to clean it, and after drying, apply some 303 protectant. I use a little bit of silicone paste on the hatch seals, so they open and close easily. I also put some 3M leading edge tape wherever I thought the hull would get dinged up launching, or I’d hit the deck with my paddle. Also used it as a keel strip, which has worked out quite well. If you apply it using the wet method, you can easily remove it anytime you want. After about 200 hrs of use, the boat still looks pretty much new. If doubts, you could just call Steve at QCC and ask him, that’s what I did a few months ago. Tim

QCC owners here
A carbon/Kevlar 700 and carbon /Kevlar 10 x and used to have a 600.

Wash it using liquid Spic and Span, and then give it a coat of 303.

Steve is no longer with QCC. He sold it to Wenonah, but back when he was there he said you could get deep scratches out of the gel Coat using " Gel Gloss".

Ours boats have been so badly exposed to the sun, that they finally gave up and looked like hell.

But with Grayhawks superb instructions, the “Bride” just finished restoring them using buffing compound, lots of elbow grease and finished it off with Aqua Buff 2000.

They now look just like they came from the factory and are ready for us to bet the crap out of them again.

Good luck !

Jack L

For the gelcote
Sealant or wax here is some good reference info


I use Klasse on my QCC 700x

Solstice Titan
Kevlar with gelcoat.

Gelcoat or whatever on your hull is the skin. Gel takes Interstate wind n solar pounding yet protecting skin protects structure.

Aerospace 303, not immersed, does renew and protect gel while atop a van for 3 years. Cooling temp but mostly sunny.

Bought flag cloth from Seattle Fabrics for a cover.

Spic n span is probably way to harsh.

unless you in Love Canal or Gowanus.