QCC 600 skeg cable

QCC no longer stocks the cable for the slider type skegs they had up through about 2002. None of their suggestions for where to get some has panned out. Everything I’ve found is too flexy.

The only thing similar I’ve found is the Valley 8’cable but that is a bit too thick and a few inches short. I’m figuring somebody out their has fixed a QCC skeg.

Does anyone know where I can get useable stainless steel cable with adequate tensile strength?

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I’d go online and find the West Marine site and call their rigging number. You’ll have to know the size of the cable so a caliper would be handy. There are lots of different cables some are very flexy and some are extremely stiff. Look at the end of the old cable and see how the individual wires are arrainged. Shouldn’t be difficult to match it.

Bill H.

Rigging shop
If you are near a boatyard or large marina that has a sailbost business, call and ask to talk to their rigger. Given a sample of what you want, they will be able to make something.

I just bought a new QCC-600 and as you probably know they have gone to line for skeg control.

customer service?
I’m surprised that this company doesn’t still supply a frequently needed part for boats they made only a few years ago! One of the pitches for using a domestic builder is that they will be around when you need parts or help down the road. Seems like QCC is dropping the ball on that one.

Good bit more than a few years
They haven’t had slider skegs for a long time. More like 8 or 10 years? My 700’s over 7 and came with cord (which I’ve since modified replaced to all cable with more precise control - still spring loaded).

For the OP: Might contact Necky about some of their Nitinol wire.

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Thanks to all for their suggestions. I’ll let you know what works out. I have two 600s, one with slider skeg and one with the spring loaded. The boats have the same hull design but differ in several other aspects so they have somewhat different performance. The new design is a notch faster and less agile due to seat position change,tracks better, has lower wind profile, improved hatch covers, much better skeg function. Bungees, functional hatch capacity, and behind seat storage go to the old model. I personally prefer the old '01 kevlar layup to the carbon kevlar on the '07 boat. I am pleased with both of them.

Got them both used online for great value. Steve Freund is great to deal with and their customer service is excellent. I don’t think there is any reason to think they would still have the old skeg wire lying around!