QCC 600 Vs 700

I went on a club paddle today which was on a local creek. Great paddle, actually.

I decided to take my QCC600 instead of the 700. I have never paddled the 600 for any length and thought a smaller boat on a creek made sense. I noted that paddling normally the bow seemed to be plowing. That is, when I was leaning forward just a bit and had the boat moving well, I was making a real bow wave rather than wake. I mean, the bow was curling a wave up and over similar to a power boat. I could stop this by leaning back just a bit.

I guess that if I paddled this boat regularly Id have to move the seat back an inch or two. In fairness, I am at the cross-over weight that the manufacturer states as the point to move from a 600 to a 700. I think QCC says 700 for 170+ and I am 185.

Happy Paddling,


What is the depth
of the creek you were paddling?

Shallow water has an interesting effect even on efficient hulls.


I Don’t Know
what the average depth was, but I never dragged bottom with paddle or boat. I’d guess, with particular rashional, that it was 6-10 feet deep. There was not a ripple for most of the day.

Happy Paddling,


Well, so much for
my bright idea!

Thought maybe you were pushing water from below. I can feel it in the bow of my Tempest when the depths drop to a couple of feet or less on a slow river.

Take care.


Is it all in what you are used to?
I am a light weight for my 700, and when I tried my wifes 600 it felt too small for me.



We’re all just getting too fat. (wink)