QCC 600 vs. 700

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Hey everyone,

This may have been addressed in another message...but I cannot find it in the archives...so here goes:

I'm considering the QCC 600 or 700...but cannot really determine which is best. The QCC site recommends the 700 when I put in 180 LBs...but I'm currently in summer mode, exercizing more, and cutting weight down. Happens every year. Over the course of a summer I weigh about 176-181 depending on whats going on.

Both boats seem well regarded, and the 600 gets the nod as a playboat, while the 700 seems to get the speed laurels, which seems logical. Some p-net reviewers claim that the 600 works great for anyone up to about 200-210. Some at that size claim that the 700 seems to big.

My specs:
5' 10"
176-181 lbs
Early intermediate skills.
Looking for much more speed than my current boat...but want some maneuverability too.
Prefer to get a skeg...but QCCs seem rudder-oriented (yeah, whatever that means)

Comments and experiences most welcome.


I rarely paddle my 700 without the rudder because I don’t think it is that pleasant to do so. (I have another boat for rudderless paddling.) The 700 is perfectly suited for its rudder.

Difference = 100
I have paddled both boats for a number of years in varying conditions and am similar to you in height and weight.

If paddling mostly daytrips (carrying little gear) in wind and waves, I think you might prefer the 600.

If paddling flatwater or with overnight gear or have a greed for speed, the 700 might be the better choice.

The 700 is deeper and because of it’s length also sits higher on the water, making it more susceptible to wind and waves, especially when unloaded.

The 600 is faster than most 17 foot kayaks and is still much more a fast tourer than a playboat. The 700 is faster still (though not by much, and only if you have the power to overcome the added resistance of the additional “wetted surface.”)

I enjoyed my 700 with a skeg but currently have the ruddered model. If you plan to enter some races, I’d go with the rudder. Otherwise either one can work fine.

Wife has the 600, I have 700
Hers has a rudder, mine a skeg. I am 5’10", 190. Here are my impressions from paddling both boats. The 700 does not need a rudder. It handles just fine without one, but putting the skeg down just a tiny bit improves its tracking. The 600 is easier to turn than the 700, which has to be edged more. But when you aggressively edge the 700 it turns on a dime. The 700 is faster but not enough to matter in ordinary sea kayaking. Size-wise I fit into both boats but I am more comfortable in the 700. I doubt the 700 is too big for you. The person you talk to at QCC (blocking on his name) is a fan of rudders and my experience is that he almost always recommends one. I would make the choice in terms of which you prefer. The boats work well with either a skeg or rudder. There are persons on the board who have 700s who swear by rudders for them. I am sure they will contribute their point of view.

Get the 700
I have both a 600 and a 700.

I am 5’-9’ and 160 pounds and prefer the 700.

It is a faster boat, plus the hatch covers are humongous compared to the 600.

As far as handling goes, (rough water, turning, quartering wind, etc), I see absolutely no difference between the two.

For the past bunch of years I have been taking the 700 on our four month winter sojourn to Florida, and this year I took the 600 instead.

By the fourth month, I was yearning for the 700.

The sealine rudder sucks ! -13 parts on each side. I am an expert on repairing them. If you paddle 1000 m iles a year you will be also.

Try to talk Steve into a different one, (one that lays over on the deck)

I have a carbon kevlar 700 one on its way. At least I hope it is !

Jack L

Rudder Oriented?

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Rarely paddle my 700, or either of my other two rudder-equipped kayaks, with the rudder deployed.

However, as I paddle mostly solo and multi-season in Nothern, NY and Canada, usually have a fair amount of suvival/camping gear on board - even for a day trip. So...don't have much experience with "empty" boat handling issues.

Guess it all depends on what and where you do, what you want to do with a boat. Could see myself paddling a skeg-equipped Brit boat if I were into a different type/location of paddling.

In a recent post about rudder systems: http://www.paddling.net/message/showThread.html?fid=advice&tid=1279481 water_walker had some great advice: "So ..... choose your poison!" Same might be said for 600 vs. 700.


Thanks everyone. I’ve actually been tending toward the 600 because of restricted storage space…but now I’m rethinking that…and I’ve discovered a nook in my garage that would enable me to hoist an 18 foot kayak like the 700 up above it all. It’s just wide enough too.

I was concerned that I might find the 700 too big, but not so much anymore.

Much appreciated.

Do You Roll? Want To?
The rear deck on the 600 is way, way high. Not conducive to any kind of layback roll.