QCC 600 vs Prijon Eski

Tomorrow I’m picking up a Prijon Eski for about half the price of a Q600. Is the glide ratio, hull speed, acceleration, 1 and 2 stability, details, quality and fun per dollar really going to be 50% less?

Why ruin a good deal by asking such a question? L

If you don’t already know the differences, or do and don’t see them as being significant, the Eski will be OK for you.

You’ve already made that call or you wouldn’t be picking it up, right?

I think enough has been said here about the Q600/700’s quality/performance/value. I often find the reviews here to be a bunch of vague "10"s - but with these two boats they actually say a lot (well - some on the Eski, a lot on the Q600). If you haven’t read them, do - unless you’re just trolling to get a bunch of positive QCC responses…

I Think You’ve Made My Point
As I type this the QCC ad band is at the top of my screeen. I’m trolling for Prijon Eski positives here. It truly does come down to fun per dollar by purchase. This site is a great paddling resource but is QCC saturated. I have made several boat purchases based on information gathered on this site, I hope it does not go the way of Canoe & Kayak magazine. I’m paddling fast and easy and often and will not spend three grand on my next boat.

1200 is a good deal for an Eski, i looked at one recently while visiting Charleston and they wanted almost 2900 for it!!!

fun per dollar
is the Eski really worth twice the fun per dollar as a massage, weekend at a resort and paddling the hotels sit on top?

I don’t get your point
You are trolling for Prijon Eski positives here? Basically you are looking for somebody to tell you have made the right choice? Shouldn’t be you the one thinking it was the right choice? Aren’t you the one paddling that boat?

Personally I did spent three grand (almost) for my boat and I would definitely do it again.

I test-paddled a Nordkapp a few times and fell in love with the kayak, couldn’t find a used one in the area and ordered a new one.

Do I think it’s the best boat on the market? Nope. Do I think it’s the best boat for me? Probably.

I feel very comfortable paddling it, it carry everything I need when I camp, it’s reasonably fast, behaves pretty well in rough water.

Would that be the perfect boat if I wanted to win races? No

Would that be the perfect boat if fishing and photography were my interests? No

How can you purchase something as personal as a kayak based on information gathered on this site?

Best possible
Four years ago, I couldn’t have afforded or really even conceived of buying the Valley Aquanaut I bought this year. I paddled many boats and bought the best boat, for me, that I could. That boat was a Necky Elaho. I still have that boat and am glad to have bought it.

This year, I bought the boat I felt best paddling (actaully ordered last year). I have more money and experience than I had four years ago.

Like most I know, I still take just about any opportunity to test paddle other boats. So far, my favorite boat that I don’t own is the Nordkapp H2O.

I’m still very glad to have the Aquanaut.

Buy the boat that is the best possible for you. Being best possible includes affordability as well as the physical characteristics of the boat.

Is successful because they are great kayaks. Not for everyone - obviously, and lots of other fine boats too - but that in no way takes away from what QCC has achieved.

Be glad for the ads - for whatever company - they fund this site we all enjoy. Does anyone really pay attention to the ads? Maybe just those with QCC envy/angst?

You probably misread my post - my point was that the Q600 is easily worth twice what you’ll pay for the ESKI - just not for you. You won’t appreciate the difference or you wouldn’t have posted what you did.

Yeah - a lot of money. But deals on QCCs pop up regularly too.

Here’s a thought: Why not just enjoy your boat and leave other boats you seem to have “issues” with out of it?

Not saturated.
I don’t believe that this site is “QCC saturated.” There seems to be as many of us Brit boat folk on this site as QCC people.

There are many dedicated paddlers on this site.

QCCs are very well designed and made boats. That so many experienced paddlers are enthusiastic QCC owners attests to these attributes.

I’ve learned much from various threads and posts relating to QCC boats. I’m grateful for the information and insights.

two points
i’ll have to admit, i do like the QCC lines. sweet looking kayak, although i haven’t paddled one. i did see one guy with a 700 get smoked over 12 miles by another guy in a 14-foot SOT. which leads to…

two, a good paddler can paddle just about anything with grace and efficiency. me, i need a good boat to boot.

Hey, My Boat Gives
"more per dollar" than yours because it’s an SOF and it only cost me in $250 in materials. The time building it was a fun winter project.

And, what I said, is totally irrelevant. The cost and enjoyment of anything is purely subjective.

You made your choice. Cool. Why feel the need to drag other’s choices into it?


hey Sing
Can you build me an SOF for 250? How about a tandem for 300? L

I Could…
but it would probably only fit up to your thighs. I only know how to build 'em small. :wink: High volume boats are dime a dozen (alright, a little more than that).


Something like an SOF Qcc 700 would be fine and Low Volume to me… L

A QCC SOF? Blasphemy! (Take it as you like which side is being blasphemed!)


Must have been me
Yep that would be me, smoked and beaten badly by a plastic sot. Im such the racer guy.


I use a wing, which side do you think L

qcc 600 $2100
thats a deal! get whatever you want, i remember faintly an opportunity to buy a porche ‘bathtub’ my tr3 had more motor. anyway these things are all about beauty, aesthetics, intangibles. you arent buying a loaf of bread here. if you were, would you get the cheapest or the one you really prefer?

Oh Man!
I use a GP in a QCC - so I must be defiling both!

should have figured any QCC owner would post here. oh well, at least you have the gonads. wasn’t trying to offend anyone, although i do stand by my point about the paddler mattering most.