QCC 600

I have been paddling a Pintail, and really enjoy it’s loose, quick turning personality I love the ocean cockpit and low decks. However, since a lot of my paddling seems to be more the ‘Point A to Point B’ stuff, I am beginning to want something a bit more suited for that. Lots of reading has got me interested in a QCC 600. They are so rare here in the San Francisco Bay area, that I’ve never even seen one that I could sit in, let alone paddle. So if any 600 owners are in my area, I would sure like to talk to you. Maybe we can trade boats for an afternoon?



Call QCC
They may be able to give you a name.

My Opinion
The QCC600 has a very high rear deck.

I thought I wanted one then got to borrow one. Do you like a high rear deck?

deck height

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I haven't got tremendous experience in sea kayaks. I've only really paddled the Q600 (a few thousand miles before I switched to surfski and ICF boats) and the NF Legend. The overall volume of the Q600 suited me better. Both had similar rear deck heights. Neither was low so I don't know what a low rear deck feels like. I've always wanted to try a boat with a low rear deck but I haven't had occassion yet. None the less, I don't have a problem laying back in either boat but I am pretty flexible. I definitely advise trying one to see if the deck height is a problem. Because of the rear deck height a skeg is definitely a big help if not totally necessary in both the Legend and Q600 for beam and rear-quartering winds.

Thanks, everyone
for the advice. To answer the deck height question, I have to say - low decks are great - less wind effects, more paddle clearance… And I don’t need much cargo space. So why am I looking around for something else? Partly because my shoulders are so beat up that rolling (happens all the time with my Pintail) and paddling a slow boat make a 10 mile day seem like lots of work. Maybe I should look at boats that are closer to what I have now. My wife’s Tempest 165 has an amazing combination of stability, maneuverability and comfort. (and lousy hatch covers) Since a 600 is not likely to join my fleet, I’m still looking for a day boat that’s fun to paddle and fits a 150 pound ex white water paddler.

Please chime in with suggestions…


Love My T165

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But I have the new Kajaksport (good) hatch covers. I'm going to a demo tomorrow and check out the new WS Zephyr. It's probably a more 'pintail-like' boat than the Tempest 165.

If you don't mind a very tracky boat the Outer Island might be for you. Very fast point A to point B boat with a very low rear deck. Did I mention it was tracky?

A QCC 700
would probably be better than a 600 for point A to B.

Coming from a Pintail you would probably find the 600 a barge. I never paddled a 600 but sat in one once and I found the cockpit huge.

The 700 has still decks higher than I like but much less space and faster.

If you are just looking for a faster Pintail with better tracking take a look at the Outer Island. Basically same deck heights, more cargo space, much better tracking and definitely faster.

QCC kayak
I have a QCC 400X and love it. It maneuvers wonderfully and I love the great rudder on it. It tracks great and I highly recommend a QCC for quality and service.

NO middleman to deal with, the company sells right from their shop in NW Wis. Great people to work with, and a great price considering all you get compared to the other ones on the market.

It has wonderful storage space. I’ve only rolled mine in the swimming pool for practices, and the hatches got a miniscule amount of water in them. Great hatch covers and large amount of space.

I’ve owned mine for 2-1/2 years, first and only kayak. Have tried several others out and would not trade it.

This one is a sea kayak too, have not had it on any big lakes, but I can tell you it is wonderful on big waves on a windy day on any lake. It is fast too. Have had lots of compliments on it!

You cannot go wrong in a QCC! ARR

600 a barge?
A 21" wide boat feels like a barge? How small is the Pintail?

have to agree with scombrid
I’m 5 ft 7 in and 210 lbs. I paddle a 700 (it’s also a 21 in wide boat) and after minimal outfitting (I prefer a snug boat)the 700 fits and paddles just fine for me.

As to the smaller design displacement 21 wide 600, hard to see how that cockpit could seem “huge” and appear to have more space than the 700, when my butt won’t even fit into a 600. All I can say, the Pintail must be one small Brit boat.

Now my wife’s 400, which I have paddled, is a 24 in wide boat, high fore and aft decked, and has a very large cockpit; and I bet the 500 would also have a very large cockpit. The 600 may not be the boat that will ultimately meet scary’s paddling needs, but I bet it won’t because the cockpit is too big.

At 150 lbs, scary, if you’re looking for an even smaller 21 in wide day boat, you might try the QCC 10X; and I bet the 600 is the QCC for you. Paddle a 600 hard for 30 days; and if you don’t like it, ship it back and get your money back - that’s one long demo.

Pintail is 22" wide
So that sounds like a barge. But the bottom is very rounded; it has loads of rocker, round chines, ocean cockpit and the seat is quite high. Primary stability is a bit loose, but really not a problem (maybe because it’s 22" wide) Secondary stability is very light. I find it easy to paddle, although it takes a bit of concentration. And mistakes can lead to looking at the surface and the sky at the same time. The T165 is much better in this way, so maybe I should just get one - but there are so many other possibilities out there to think about…


I think I got confused, the “barge” I did sit in was actually a 500, not a 600.